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Cartle's kittypets

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message 1: by Carson (last edited Sep 09, 2010 06:30AM) (new)

Carson Name: Tux

Gender: Male

Type: Cat

Appearance: He is gray. There is a white spot just under his chin and white paws. His eyes are dark brown.

Personality: Tux is a lazy,laid-back kind of cat. In his younger days he was very fit and adventures. Now he's a old slug. He wishs for his old life sometimes. He is very curious avout things he never heard about. Deep down he is a very kind cat.

Kin: Open

Crush: none

Mate: OPEN


message 2: by Carson (new)

Carson Tux is in honor of my friend's cat Tux who has cancer and is getting sicker ever day.

message 3: by Jennifer, came to the conclusion that Cinta is a fighter-jetting cannibal (new)

Jennifer | 466 comments Mod
Awww, poor Tux. Tell him I said "Get well!"

message 4: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Yes, poor Tux *Sniffles* *Blows nose noisily*

Hey... Tux is a brand of dog food in my country (dunno about you guys :P)


message 5: by Carson (new)

Carson Thank you. I will tell him.

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