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message 1: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments I have heard some really great and weird things about this author, but have not read anything by her...That being said, can anyone give me some recommendations? And/Or tell me anything about her books and their experiences in reading them....Much appreciated, Thanks a lot!!!

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) She's a very unique writer. I read Skin years ago and fell in love with the odd gothic tone of the story. Like Poppy Z Brite, Christa Faust and Caitlin R Kiernan she came out in the 90s and added a gothic outlook to horror. Along with that I have to say things are very weird in their books and so things rarely turn out as you'd expect. I started The Cipher a few years back but had to return it to the library before finishing. If I were to choose I'd say that would the best of hers to try first and maybe Strange Angels. Skin might be a bit too abstract until you've read some of her other work. Her newest books are YA fiction so if you want to stick to her horror look for the older books.

message 3: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments yea i can get skin, kink, buddhas something and 1 other at this used book store by my house......

message 4: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments i'm going to get 'skin' and order 'the cipher' after careful consideration

message 5: by Aloha (new)

Aloha | 4052 comments And then when you're in NYC, I'll swipe your used books find. :o). I better hone my pickpocket skills.

message 6: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments lol, yeah right, you wouldnt have the first clue how to pick-pocket, and when you live there, you're always on guard.....my books are my life, my passion

message 7: by Aloha (new)

Aloha | 4052 comments You are second degree to my first. You'll whup me.

message 8: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Galstere (ThenewAmericanPsycho) | 219 comments haha, no i couldnt

message 9: by Aloha (new)

Aloha | 4052 comments Because I'm sneakier. I fight dirty like a girl would.

message 10: by Mark (new)

Mark (markmckeejr) | 133 comments See what u think of Cipher. It's her first and Ive read that if u like it, u'll like her others til as Amanda mentioned, Lois turned to YA. To me though, Cipher was like reading every pseudo-artsy teenagers diary. Woe is me, woe is me. I finished, but I shouldn't have bothered.

message 11: by Will (new)

Will Errickson (wille) I read The Cipher when it came out in '91 and have read it a few times since. It is a bit "angsty artist"--which I liked when I was 20!--but she's a unique and strange and original writer. I don't see her as Gothic, however; she's very urban and contemporary. I've liked a few of her other books too. A few months back I posted a review of The Cipher:


message 12: by Lenny (new)

Lenny Nero (lennynero) | 123 comments I love her first 4 or 5 books, my fave probably being Skin. Great stuff.

message 13: by Scott (new)

Scott I love Bad Brains, The Cipher, and the collection Extremities.

message 14: by Jack (new)

Jack Wallen (jack_wallen) | 25 comments Skin was one of my favorite books for a long time. Bad Brains and Cipher were good as well, just not on the same level.

message 15: by Carl (new)

Carl (azezal) | 34 comments I have had Bad Brains sitting on my bookshelf for what seems years now. If Scott and Jack like Bad Brains, then it's good enough for me. I will move it up my order of to-read's.

message 16: by Jack (new)

Jack Wallen (jack_wallen) | 25 comments I certainly think it's worth reading. It's not Skin...but it's still good. This discussion is making me want to re-read her books now. ;-)

message 17: by Scott (new)

Scott I didn't find Skin nearly as psychologically dark and disturbing as her previous two novels. It's also dated in that the body mods she describes really aren't that extreme any more.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

The Cipher and Bad Brains are two of the best horror novels I've read. I also enjoyed Strange Angels thought it's a different kind of "horror."

message 19: by Will (new)

Will Errickson (wille) Great interview with Ms. Koja:


message 20: by Scott (new)

Scott That was a great interview. Thanks for posting!

message 21: by Todd (new)

Todd Russell (toddrussell) | 118 comments Gotta love the Abyss authors :)

message 22: by Scott (new)

Scott Well...most of them.

message 23: by Todd (new)

Todd Russell (toddrussell) | 118 comments Yeah, not all of the Abyss books were great but it was an imprint that was killed off too soon. Then again after editor and brainchild Cavelos left, the heart was gone.

message 24: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Scott (michellescottfiction) | 7 comments I read The Cipher when it came out in '91

That's the only one of hers that I've read, too, but I remember that it was very good. I'd kind of forgotten her, but I think I may have to add some of her books to my TBR pile!

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