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message 1: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
Narzain, it's all yours.

message 2: by Narzain, The Minister of Awesome (new)

Narzain | 75 comments Mod
Hm, the month is almost over; probably time to post on the book, eh? *ahem*

Well, it's kind of hard to say too much about it without putting in spoilers. On the one hand, it's a kind of standard fantasy novel; on the other hand, the setting is intriguing and the plot certainly has potential, especially for sequels.

One thing I found jarring was some of the names of things. They use money called dollars, and a central city to the story is called Memphis, and so on. I kept waiting for some sort of "it's Earth thousands of years after the apocalypse" revelation, but that never happened. So the use of those names was just off-putting.

Other than that, I enjoyed the characters (even the pampered sacrificial 'princess' had a good bit of depth), and I am interested in seeing where the story goes in the next book.

message 3: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
I agree with this,as I read it first and brow-beat him into reading it. It does have some of the over-tones of post apocalypse type of fantasy, and as this is the first of three, there is a lot of set-up, but it doesn't feel like set-up.

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