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First JP book for a teen?

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message 1: by Anna (new)

Anna | 81 comments I am a huge JP fan so I have read most of her books. My problem is that I give them to friends to read (and never have them returned)! My 13 year old is beginning her first JP book. The three we do have in our house: The Pact, Nineteen Minutes, and House Rules. I recommended The Pact as her first, however, mow I am thinking House Rules. Which order do you recommend?

message 2: by Kristie (new)

Kristie (3kidzmom) | 5 comments Hi Anna, I'm a huge fan too and have read all of her books! I also have a 13 year old daughter and just told her she should read The Pact. I think she's ready for it. She just finished The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf. That was another one of my books and she just loved it My daughter isn't a big reader and needs something that will draw her in immediately. I think The Pact is one of those books. Of course I can't find my copy either! I've asked a friend and she loaned hers out too. But if I had it, I'd start with The Pact, then House Rules. Don't you just love being able to share books with your teen?!

message 3: by Megan (new)

Megan (meganjc83) | 9 comments I think Nineteen Minutes would be a good one for teenagers to read. It's a little disturbing but it really shows the emotions behind bullying. It would be a good read for someone about to enter into highschool.

message 4: by Georgia (new)

Georgia | 4 comments They are all pretty hard hitting, House Rules probably being the mildest. It really depends on her maturity I think, if she is very grown up, try Nineteen Minutes as it really draws you in. I would suggest maybe getting My Sister's Keeper out of a library for her, that is a good read.

message 5: by Chasity (new)

Chasity | 3 comments Hi.. I'm a big JP fan as well and I'm just getting started on this website. But I would have to agree that Nineteen Minutes would be a good starter for a girl getting ready to enter high school.

message 6: by Kayla Ann (new)

Kayla Ann (kventura18) | 2 comments I'm actually only a few years older than your daughter and at my high school they taught nineteen minutes. I had read JP before and I am a huge fan of her works, but I hadn't read this one yet. As a teenager, reading nineteen minutes really hit everything they don't want to talk about in school perfectly. No teacher wants to think a student would be brought to the violence Peter thought could be his escape so it really isn't brought up maybe they want to keep the "what if" question out of your mind. Like all of her books, this is an emotional journey and I think it would be the best start for your daughter.

message 7: by Chasity (new)

Chasity | 3 comments Kayla, are you sure your not wise grandma? Your comment was so well written and had real emotion to it.

message 8: by Kayla Ann (new)

Kayla Ann (kventura18) | 2 comments Chasity, why thank you! I am not a wise grandma though, I'm just a sixteen year old trying to pass the SATs and get into college :)

message 9: by Chasity (new)

Chasity | 3 comments LOL Well at least your head is in the right direction!!

message 10: by Angie (new)

Angie I really enjoyed the pact and I don't think it should be ruled out but I would recommend The Tenth Circle.

message 11: by Anna (new)

Anna | 81 comments I bought her both The Pact and Nineteen Minutes; however, then she decided both might be too sad. Our School District has had four suicides (probably more)in the last year and one just this weekend. So she doesn't want to read The Pact at the moment. Maybe Handle With Care would be good. The Tenth Circle was the hardest for me to read--I honestly did not like a single person in the book.

message 12: by Grant (new)

Grant Jonsson | 1 comments I would have to suggest Nineteen Minutes first for teens going into high school...if kids can learn what bullying does to kids sometimes i think they would be scared to do it...obviously Peter's actions were to the extreme but he had it bad and if kids these days can understand what it did to him they can relate to everyone else...i believe this is a must read for all teens, it should actually be mandatory for an english class

message 13: by Sandysconnected (new)

Sandysconnected | 7 comments I would say out of the one's I've read, I would go with Plain Truth. It is an interesting read but it also talks about universal pressures that teens can deal with.

message 14: by Tanrak (new)

Tanrak (tanrakp) | 2 comments I recommend Nineteen Minutes for the first book. I read it when I was 14 years old and it is great book. This book describes how high school students have to deal at school. I feel sympathy for Peter and his act.

message 15: by Dara (new)

Dara | 145 comments I would think Nineteen Minutes would be my choice for a first JP book...oh WAS my first JP book. LOL! But I do think it is a great example of how bullying can affect everyone in a school.

message 16: by Rachael (new)

Rachael (rachaelc94) | 95 comments Mod
I read My Sister's Keeper when I was 14 and it was a great start to Jodi Picoult. I didn't discover The Pact until I was 17 so I can't really say if I would have been mature enough to handle The Pact at 14, but most likely I would have been.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

My first book that I read of Jodi's was My Sister's Keeper and that started my fascination with reading books written by Jodi. My favorite books of hers would have to be the ones she wrote with her daughter.

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