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Sarah I think I learned a lot with the book, but I also really enjoyed sharing bits of it with my family. It is a fun read about just about every topic one can think of. I particularly liked the part about the headless chicken. I laughed every time I read it. Definitely not your average history/science/fact book.

Ashok Yeah good book. Have more respect for coconuts now after reading this - and I am from a place that is named after coconuts (Kerala - land of coconuts)!! :D Also who knew peanuts are not nuts, strawberries are not berries.. list is endless!

Badgerlord It is indeed a very good converstaional piece. In fact, the conversations generally go something like this;

Other; *Says some common misconception*
Me; *Corrcts them*
Other; "Where did you hear that?"
Me; "It was on QI"
Other; "What's QI?"
Me; *Facepalm* "A panel quiz show. It's hosted by Stephen Fry"
Other; "And do you beleive everything Stephen Fry says?"
Me; "Yes. Yes I do."

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If you've seen the series though there isn't much more to learn from it.

Robert J fun book i only wish i would remember more of it !

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