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The Initiate Brother (Initiate Brother, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy book set in feudal Japan [s]

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Kari (kalyso) This may be too little to go on, but I loved this book and its sequel and would like to read them again. So thank you for any help!
I read this ~2003, the author was male, and there was a sequel which wrapped up the story. There are two girls (maybe cousins) who travel up a river because the city is too unsafe. The father of one of the girls is an important leader. Her name is something like Nishiko. There is a great battle at the end, and the brother rides in wearing the significant robes of his father, so she knows that her brother has survived but her father didn't.
I can't believe how little I remember, but it truly was a good read. Thanks again for any input.

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Rachel Lee (rlcwt9) | 18 comments Not sure who the main characters are, but this is a fantasy series set in feudal Japan.

Across the Nightingale Floor

Kari (kalyso) That's not it, although that was a fun read too. Thanks, though.

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vicki_girl | 29 comments This isn't a very well known book, but it has some similarities to your description. The first book is split in two parts; one of the main characters ends up traveling on the road with her maid/nanny(?); she does end up meeting her brother at the end.


Kari (kalyso) Thanks, Vicki, but that wasn't it either. I'm still searching google...

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Kaion (kaionvin) | 391 comments What made it fantasy?

Kari (kalyso) Good question- I guess fantasy is how I remember it. :)
There might have been a part with a magical teacher that they had to seek out on a mountain.
I'm still shocked at how little I remember. I'm a bit of a nerd and usually remember details.

Also on the boat ride, which is a small part of the story but near the beginning, the girls were reading secret notes- maybe from an admirer or something? They were touching and sweet.
Any ideas, Kaion?

Kari (kalyso) Ahh- I figured it out!! It was The Initiate Brother by Sean Russell. The sequel is The Gatherer of Clouds. I read it years ago but I remember it being great. Thanks for your comments!

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