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Discuss chapters 7-13

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Todd | 89 comments So now that the initial confusion surrounding the dropping of the dome on Chester's Mill has subsided, the reality of the situation is beginning to set in. Although it seems like Barbie, Julia, Big Jim, and Joe McClatchy are the only ones who really grasp what's going on, the rest of the town is slowly coming to terms with what the dome means. I think a large part of this has to do with the scene involving Rory Dinsmore and his subsequent death. Even though there were casualties in the beginning of the novel when the dome came down, I think in a lot of way's Rory's death symbolizes the death of the innocence in Chester's Mill. Now that the reality of the situation is beginning to set in, the townspeople are becoming more and more apprehensive, making the situation more ripe for Big Jim's police force to take control. What are your throughts on this block of chapters?

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