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message 1: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
Discuss the beginning of the book - Chapters 1-6

message 2: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
So what are everyone's thoughts on the beginning of the novel? Are you into King's writing?

message 3: by Nicoletta (new)

Nicoletta Daum (daum9812) Can not put this book down!!

message 4: by Kim, group moderator (last edited Sep 15, 2010 06:35AM) (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
Nicoletta welcome to the group!! Make sure to introduce yourself on our Getting to know you thread!

I'm enjoying it too. I can't believe how many pages it is though! I feel like I'll never finish!!!

message 5: by Nicoletta (new)

Nicoletta Daum (daum9812) Introduction complete!

I agree Kim, whenever I think ive made immense progress its like I havent made a dent yet! Big Jim keeps catching me off guard tho, Everytime I predict something he goes and does something 10 times worse.

message 6: by Kim, group moderator (new)

Kim | 350 comments Mod
I'm usually not into authors who are overly descriptive. One's who use too many adjectives and all that. For some reason I'm loving King's writing style. The way he describes things is fascinating. He writes so descriptively but in ways I've never read before. I'm def enjoying it.

message 7: by Todd (new)

Todd | 89 comments I definitely agree, it's like his writing style is descriptive, yet not in a flowery, rambling way as in some authors. It's as if he has a lot to describe, but does it as quickly and bluntly as he can. It's really depressing at times, but it makes you feel like you're there. I can definitely see why his books are often turned into movies, because they almost read like scripts as they are.

message 8: by Todd (new)

Todd | 89 comments What do you guys think of Big Jim? As Nicoletta said (welcome to the group by the way!) he's not the character he seems in the beginning of the story. Do you like/dislike him? Why or why not?

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