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shake shake it

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Tate ok...

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That's funny! If I were you I'd say, "EWWW! Heck no!! I hate Edward Cullen!! I just liked the name!!...Are you stupid?! I'd never name my dog after that loser!!...I totally regret naming him that!!yuk..."...something like, I named my cat Quil!! :)))

Actually I named her Quiliam...Quilliam Timothy The third!...he he...I tried to get my sister to name her cat Embry and my mom's Jacob!!...And they're all girls

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I don't like Edward at all in the books.

But thats a wierd cat name though (not trying to offend you)
I can't imagine it. It'd be funny though heheh

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I know!! I hate Edward!! He's so frickin anoiying!!

Dani How could you hate Edward?! Jacob is the biggest loser ever! I don't understand what there is to like about him.

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Well, what about the fact that he's like the nicest person in the book!! I love Jake because he's funny, he's a WEREWOLF!!(sooo much better than vampires!!), and he's so...I guess you could say cocky. And it's hilarious!!

Edward's just an overprotective, egotistical, jerk who's obsessed with the biggest loser in the whole book! BELLA!! I know Jake loves her too, but he is in no way obsessed with her like Edward, there fore, Jake ROOLS!! And Edward SUCKS!!! ^___^♥

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