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I'll give it a 6/10

I love to read James Patterson because I love the mysteray that and crime that he writes about, but every once in a while there is another type of book by him that I just have to pick up and read.

Before reading The Angel Experiment I read the Lakehouse, and that was pretty good to me, a whole new line for James to be writing about. When I picked up Angel Experiment, I knew kind of what it would be about, but I really liked the story. There were some parts that was rather boring to me, but I just kept on reading to find out what would happen to the "flock" next. It was also a little weird for me to read in Max's tone but think that it was James Patterson who wrote it, it kind of disturbed me :).

Ok so for those who might not know, the story is about 6 "bird kids" Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gassman and Angel. Their DNA have been mixed with those of birds, thus ending in these 6 kids who happen to have wings. The story goes how they had escaped the "school" that they lived in but these "Erasers" (Dog people kind of) are trying to catch them. They end up getting Angel, the youngest, and the other set out to save Angel and find out that there might be some info about them in a place called "The Institute"... and thats where the story headed.

All in all, I'll read the next in the series because in true Patterson style he leaves you wanting to know what happens next!

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Animal Farm

This book has been on my TBR list for some time, and I finally started reading it today (to get done with a challenge) and I'm so glad that I did.

Animal Farm is about a farm of animals that go into uproar against their farmer to get control of the farm, to be free, no longer slaves, to be treated equill.

But not long after their rebellion, after the farmer has been sent from the farm, things start to change, getting worse gradually, and in the end things come full circle, being as it was.

The book was strange to me, I enjoyed it, but it gave me a feeling of some governments being like this. Everyone wanted to be free, and for a while they were, but then there is one person who wants to have all the power...

Some very sad parts in here as well, made me cry.
A good and quick read for anyone... I'd recommend it :)

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Love your reviews :)

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Thanks Lu! Really? I'm not so good at this

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Pffft you are!

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Ah thanks Lu! (Gets all shy)
You give the best compliments hehe

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