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Ender's Game-Orson Scott Card

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message 1: by Travon (new)

Travon Williams | 3 comments Ender's Game (Ender's Saga, #1) by Orson Scott Card Ender’s Game was a book I overestimated. The writing and the story were told very well, I didn’t feel like it was a quality novel. The plot was okay, it wasn’t as entertaining to me as other books. I felt like the story ran on to much and I wasn’t going to finish it. I didn’t really understand it half of the time because it flashed between first person thoughts and third person storytelling seamlessly throughout the novel. My overall impression was that it was a heavy book. As in very well thought out and not very reader friendly, but reader challenging. Challenging the thoughts of everyone, making me think instead of always what the characters think. I enjoyed that. I liked the characters a lot, they seemed real and believable with morals, and strengths. I didn’t quite get a real clear message out of the book, but instead a weird vibe that I don’t know if its good or bad and I’m still trying to figure it out. The style to the novel was very heavy at times and dark, even though its following the life of a 6 year old in the beginning. Which leads me to the plot, I commend the author for a very well thought out plot, but it just wasn’t enough to impress me. The ending was one of those endings you’d expect to see out of some twilight zone story or something. A good ending though, and had me thinking about all the decisions, characters and events that were happening up to the point. Although as I said, it was well told. It left me feeling a bit disoriented and not sure of things like the morals/themes of the story. Some parts were clear but I couldn’t understand it in other parts. The story didn’t end for me with questions, but with confusion. I’d recommend this book to someone who has a large vocabulary, and the same style as the author’s. Then the story would make much more sense to them, and leave them with a better understanding out of the book.

message 2: by Njuguna (new)

Njuguna Gathungu | 3 comments Overall, I really enjoyed the book. It was a lot better than I expected. It was confusing at times, but once I read further into the story, the book started to make more sense. For example, in the beginning of almost every chapter; two anonymous characters would talk about Ender. I had no idea who they were and why they kept spying on him. I finally realized who they were once they said each others’ names. I enjoyed the plot, messages, the style, the characters, and the ending. One reason I enjoyed the book is that every time you thought all is well, the author throws in more suspense. When Ender defeated the alien “buggers” to end the bugger wars, he was forbidden to return to earth because he was too dangerous. Not only did Ender kill many buggers, but he also killed a bully named Bonzo in Battle School. The ending turned out to be a lot better than my prediction. I was glad buggers found a way to communicate with Ender and Ender apologized to them after feeling guilty of murder. Ender did not know he killed them because he had been tricked. I was also glad Ender saw the person he most admired; his sister, Valentine. One of the many exciting events that happened at the end was when Ender wrote a book about the aliens and many people bought the book. I would recommend this book for anybody. This book is great for reading when you are bored, for a school assignment, or traveling. I have some questions about this book that I am still trying to figure out today. Why do kids have to wear helmets in the beginning? Why did Ender have to go through surgery to have it removed?

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