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♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) my personality is mostly like.....
3.See 1 and 2

message 2: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx i have 2 different personalities- 1. normal 2. internet
1- normally im shy and dont talk much... but when i do people say im funny... so i guess...? i dont really hate people... only 3 people in the world i hate.
2- INTERNET ME!!! im kinda craaazy... random... weiiiiiird. :D

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) Well, my normal life...
I am suuuper shy around adults unless they're librarians and teachers. I am really goofy during band class. I'm suuuper serious during Science and Geograpy. I'm super random and talkative around my friends. And I am a terrible liar.

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) Sometimes during lunch I'll blurt out something random like...
Happy llama! Sad llama! Mentally confused llama! Super llama! Drama llama! Big fat mama llama! Camel!

message 5: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx haha, my sister does that all the time :P

message 6: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx but today i finally discovered who my real friends are out of the bunch i have...

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) Yeah. My friend is obssesed with it. She can do it so fast you barely can tell if she did it.

message 8: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx its annoyyyyying!! :O

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) Yes after awhile I started poking her with my pencil whenever she did it.

message 10: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx hmm... i cant do that because it gets turned into "mommy! she punched me in the head!" and so there ya go :(

message 11: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx FADHILAH! ALLIE! do you people have facebook???? *fingers crossed*

message 12: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx awwww :'(

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) My mom won't let me. I'm going to get one when I'm 16 though. But that's 3 years away

message 14: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx what? :( thats too bad :'( my school blocks it but im devising a scheme to hack through

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) Our school has a blocking systum but I don't think its K9.

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) There is no pic there's just blue words that say "THIS PAGE IS BLOCKED!"

message 17: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx Allie wrote: "There is no pic there's just blue words that say "THIS PAGE IS BLOCKED!""

thats kind of the same for me- theres no picture, it just says 'bluewater schoolboard has blocked this page' or something... its annoying cuz EVERY YEAR kids find a new way to hack through and then by the next year, they've found out how they were getting through and block THAT then its a new start each time, and its getting harder and harder to find ways every year :(

message 18: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx im trying

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) I don't pass the blocks. Because I'm not really allowed on the internet during school.

message 20: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx thats too bad.

♫♫☺Allie☺♫♫ (alliwicious) What's ICT?

message 22: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx hi......

message 23: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx really? thats weird... haha, i always say hi-llo when im talking to people on facebook..

message 24: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx it is fun :)

message 25: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx Fadhilah wrote: ":)

hey, no, cry!!!


where do you find those emoticon thingys?

message 26: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx haha

message 27: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx im doing good... cuz im watching DIGIMON :D

message 28: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx its a cartoon... an awesome one... about DIGITAL MONSTERS.
anyway, i cant do my history project!! im supposed to do a radio talk show in front of the whole class!! i cant do it!! im too shy!!

message 29: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx :O!!!!!! why???

message 30: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx wait, can you sing?

message 31: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx no, why would i be mocking you? :/ i CANNOT sing...

Monsters Pictures, Images and Photos

message 32: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx at the picture.....

message 33: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx what what?

message 34: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx um, i just thought it was interesting. she's holding hands with monsters.. i dunno, i like it

message 35: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx ok....



message 36: by Mia♫ (new)

Mia♫ WHOAH OH OH!!!!!!!!!!!



message 37: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx :) haha

message 38: by Mia♫ (new)


message 39: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx do you want some chocolate french toast??

message 40: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx a delicious creation i made up :)

message 41: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx i can send it to ya through IMAGINAAAAAAAATION :DDDDD

message 42: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx :D ive seen that, love it :)

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

I like dance. totally random.
and theater.

message 44: by Annie, OMG! Im a mod yay!! (new)

Annie (annieiscool13) | 185 comments Mod

message 45: by Annie, OMG! Im a mod yay!! (new)

Annie (annieiscool13) | 185 comments Mod
I was just kidding :p

1# IMPROV SPECIALIST!!!!!!!!! (1IMPROVSPECIALIST) | 10 comments springs my fav holiday

1# IMPROV SPECIALIST!!!!!!!!! (1IMPROVSPECIALIST) | 10 comments ohhh that sucks!

i love it when its the end of spring and i circle the edge of the woods aroung my house and pick the wild flowers

message 48: by Annie, OMG! Im a mod yay!! (new)

Annie (annieiscool13) | 185 comments Mod

message 49: by Annie, OMG! Im a mod yay!! (new)

Annie (annieiscool13) | 185 comments Mod
The3 flowers in bloom, sunny days, Ahhhh... I <3 spring.

message 50: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx i like the look of winter, just not the cold

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