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Winter Rose Phantom Name

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Winter Rose Phantom Name:Aiedail
Ship:The Cross
Rank:First Mate
Personality:Stealthy, smart, stubborn, and loyal
Other:Has been a pirate since the age of 7 starting as a cabin boy after his parents died in a fire that started in his family's kitchen, he was the only one that survived the fire

Winter Rose Phantom ((someone should rp pirate with me,))

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I will!
Name: Gwenaelle
Age: 18
Gender: FM
Ship: The Cross (if you don't mind)
Rank: Really important
Looks: https://www.cartoondollemporium.com/f... Don't forget to scroll down to see her pic
Personality: Quiet, loyal, caring for her friends
Other: Parents murdered by pirates in their home. The pirates took Gwenaelle with them, and she has no idea that this happened. She believes that her parents were pirates who died.

Winter Rose Phantom whats this really important rank of your's?

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I have no idea maybe 2nd in command?

Winter Rose Phantom Fine. if you want i could make a list of all the ranks

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Okay, that would be so helpful =)

Winter Rose Phantom captain: commander quartermaster:second in charge distributed rations, powder, work, prize, punishment first mate: ranks just below captain (sometimes, that position was also taken by the quartermaster) boatswain in charge of ship rigging, deck crews, anchoring carpenter makes necessary repairs, fills holes etc, highly valued! gunner aimes guns, takes lots of practise powder monkey: young boys often pressed into service gun crew cabin boy young boy captain's servant, apprentice of some sort i guess

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Winter Rose Phantom No probs

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Winter Rose Phantom Ready to rp?

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Winter Rose Phantom It's your turn in the pirate rp.

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yup I just had to go =( but now I'm back!

Winter Rose Phantom

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back for a tiny bit!

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here's my pic:

Winter Rose Phantom kk☺

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Name: William Turner
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Ship: The Black Pearl
Rank: Captain
Looks: [image error]
Personality: Kind and Caring, But he's also a ruthless fighter
Other: Married to Elizabeth Turner

Name: Elizabeth Turner
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Ship: The Black Pearl
Rank: First Mate
Looks: [image error]
Personality: Kind and Caring, Ruthless Fighter
Other: Married to William Turner

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Jessica Name: Blake
Age: 18
Gender: female
Ship: none right now but she's going to she if there's a spot on the cross
Rank: none right now but is a really awesome fighter
Looks: Dark brown hair that's usually kept in a braid and dark brown eyes
Personality: ruthless, loyal,
Other: Has grown up as a pirate since her father was one before her

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cool! ^.^

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