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Winter Rose Phantom ((go))

Winter Rose Phantom Aiedail peered of the bow of the boat, The Cross, in the early morning, watching the sea

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Gwenaelle walked up to the side of the boat, leaning against the side. ((You can call her Gwen for short if you don't want to type out her full name))

Winter Rose Phantom Aiedail watched the sea

Winter Rose Phantom ((you there?))

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((yup, sorry))
Gwenaelle looked over the horizon, marveling at the beauty of the sea.
((who're the bad guys?))

Winter Rose Phantom ((Wait till more members join to worry about that cause they're usually rival ships to you's own))Aiedail watched

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((yeah, I thought so. but what can we do in the meantime?))
Gwenaelle sighed and closed her eyes.

Winter Rose Phantom ((Not sure do you know anyone that likes roleplaying pirates too??))Aiedail looked up at the sky

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((hmm.........let me ask a friend))

Winter Rose Phantom hold on you need to be a mod to invite friends i think, i made this a private group so we wouldnt get any one who would just join and not rp.))

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((yes, true. I sent a message to her she's on right now so she should respond soon so we'll see if she likes pirate rp-ing ☻))
Gwenaelle stood up and walked over to Aiedail. "Hey," She said.

Winter Rose Phantom He looked back"Hey, Whats up?"(KK))

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Gwenaelle shrugged. "Nothing much."

Winter Rose Phantom "not much is happening huh?"

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Gwenaelle shook her head. "Nope."

Winter Rose Phantom He sighed

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She sighed too

Winter Rose Phantom He watched the water again

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She closed her eyes again

Winter Rose Phantom "I'll go ask the captian when were going to dock"

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She nodded. "Okay"

Winter Rose Phantom He walked over to the captain's cabin and knocked on the door"Captian may I ask when we are going to stop and rest on land"

Winter Rose Phantom Then the captain replied"In two days"

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She groaned "I'm kinda wantin' land right now"

Winter Rose Phantom Aiedail came back out"The captain said two days"

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"So I heard" Gwenaelle sighed

Winter Rose Phantom "How'd you hear i went below deck"

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"Umm..............I sorta followed.............."

Winter Rose Phantom "S-T-A-L-K-E-R."he spelt out

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She shook her head. "No way! I was just curious!" She lightly punched him on the arm

Winter Rose Phantom He grinned,

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She shook her head

Winter Rose Phantom he turned and watched the sea

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She rolled her eyes, half-smiling

Winter Rose Phantom He watched the sea and said"The water's peacefull today"

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Gwen nodded. "I hope no storms catch us by surprise."
((*hint hint*?))

Winter Rose Phantom ((Do what you want☺))"yeah."

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((thanka ☻))
Gwen nodded. She then said "What's for lunch?"

Winter Rose Phantom "i'm really not sure"

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Gwen grimaced. "I hope it's not disgusting"

Winter Rose Phantom "Don't count on it, We're low on supplies so i'm assuming we're getting what we have left"

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Gwen sighed. "You get what you get ans you don't throw a fit, " She said sullenly

Winter Rose Phantom "exactaly"

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"so................................now what?"

Winter Rose Phantom "we're anchored down for the night....wanna go for a swim?"

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Gwen raised her eyebrows, then nodded. "That would be fun." She walked over to the side of the boat.

Winter Rose Phantom He jumpied in first

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Gwen jumped in after him, whooping at the first shock of coldness.

Winter Rose Phantom He didn't care about how cold it was and he smiled"A little cold for you?"

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