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message 1: by Groovystar (new)

Groovystar | 2 comments Hi, I'm the admin of this site you linked above, I wanted to thank you for referencing it and I've also joined your group here. Looking forward to some interesting Warrior Cats talk!

message 2: by Groovystar (new)

Groovystar | 2 comments ^_^ Thanks. I actually joined up on the site after I found this group.

message 3: by Cloudy Storms, I AM ZE NEW MOD...I'll bring this group back to life... (new)

Cloudy Storms (cloudstrife) | 7 comments Mod
Just a quick question, you know how to rp right? I can teach you, if you don't know. By the way, our first mod. got deleted from goodreads when he decided to impersonate Erin Hunter. (She's actually 4 people...or three...) So I'm the current mod. Please, try to help make this group as active as possible, or, a Goodreads mod. might delete it.

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