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message 1: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas (nicolaspelletier) | 9 comments I have this book in my hand an edition of this book: ( same ISBN ). However, the edition I have is from 1985.

I found the exact cover that I have in the page where the information about the book was taken according to GR.

However, the publication date ( Amazon says 2001 ) and number of pages don't really fit my edition. Also, the cover design does not seem to reflect the changes J'ai Lu editions have done recently so I have some doubt that has the right cover for the edition they are publicizing ( 2001 ). I am not sure however when they changed their cover designs.

I am tempted to make corrections ( dates, number of pages, etc ) in accordance to the edition that I have in my hands, however this would mean that anybody who have linked to this book would see their book changed.

On the other hand, I can create an edition with "alternate cover" ( I have done it often in the last few weeks ), but since this original does not have cover, this seem a bit odd to claim... And I don't trust myself to assign a cover to an edition that I don't own even if it comes from amazon.

So, what should I do ?

message 2: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl It's a judgment call. Since the same ISBN can be assigned to multiple editions, it is accurate to say that your ISBN applies to 1985 as well as 2001. It's a quirk of the system as to which edition gets imported into goodreads first. I think you would be okay either adding the cover to the existing record, or creating an "alternate cover" edition. I wouldn't worry about the strangeness of creating an alternate cover edition for a book that is missing a cover.

message 3: by Nicolas (new)

Nicolas (nicolaspelletier) | 9 comments I decided to create an alternate cover with the stats of the book I have in hands.

Thank you.

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