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Dystopia books

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message 1: by Hannah (last edited Sep 06, 2010 02:22PM) (new)

Hannah (hannahmarie43) You can talk about Dystopian books here! Has anyone read any??

The Hunger Games. Oh my goodness! Sooo great. And the Maze Runner. Loved them!

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (pookasluagh) Dystopia is one of my favorite genres, from classic to modern dystopias. In fact, I've actually written a dystopian novel and am part way through another! I loved The Hunger Games but haven't read The Maze Runner at all.

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannahmarie43) It is a really good genre. What's the novel you wrote? I need to check it out!

The Maze Runner was really good. I can't even explain the plot, it's a bit involved, but it is really good and the ending was such a cliff hanger.

I've read a lot of other dystopian novels, but The Hunger Games (that whole series) and The Maze Runner are by far my favorites.

message 4: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (pookasluagh) heheh, well my novel isn't published yet, so it can't be read. Unfortunately, it had a very similar plot to Matched, except I wrote it the year before Ally Condie got the idea. I had it out at agents when it started getting rejected for being too similar to Matched right after Matched was announced. Sigh. So I've put it aside for now.

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannahmarie43) Ah, dang. That sucks, really. I'm sorry that's like really tough luck.

message 6: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
What's your book about?

message 7: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Sorry, but what are Dystopia books??

message 8: by H (new)

H (halm) The Hunger Games, definitely.
Unwind!! You guys should read this book if you haven't.

message 9: by H (new)

H (halm) Amanda wrote: "heheh, well my novel isn't published yet, so it can't be read. Unfortunately, it had a very similar plot to Matched, except I wrote it the year before Ally Condie got the idea. I had it out at agen..."

OMG that's so weird. If you published your book 1 year earlier you would've been popular. Lolz.

message 10: by H (last edited Nov 07, 2010 04:29AM) (new)

H (halm) Melanie wrote: "Sorry, but what are Dystopia books??"

Dystopian books are like books set in another world (still Earth or it would be Sci-Fi) that are like ours and usually are in the future. It allows you to imagine how the world would be in the future. The possibilities are limitless.

message 11: by H (new)

H (halm) Another thing: Guys, have you heard about The Water wars or something?

The plot is sort of different but the title keeps reminding me of The Hunger Games.

Authors are out for dystopian books, yeesh.

message 12: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Hmm I've never heard about the water wars. It sounds like it involves drowning... what range of age group is it?

message 13: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
And I'll check it out water wars sound good.
.Amanda wrote: "heheh, well my novel isn't published yet, so it can't be read... I am writing a book to! I'll give you a excript. First of all it is a book about clones. Not much swearing. Has hell in it. About thirty present of the book has fighting.. until I find out how to fill it in.

One of many
Chapter 1. Who am I?
“I hate you” I screamed at my 'parent' Creator. The words are foreign and send chills up my spine. I run up to my room slam and lock the door. How could babies?At the age of thirteen my 'dad' tells me completely out of the blue when I ask one question. One question and he releases a tornado on me. I am a duplication. A clone. Copy. An alien. and there will be others. At first I thought it was a joke, a dream. It's not. Maybe he didn't mean to say it was an accident.

He comes up with this crazy story about at fifteen I will have superhuman powers. If that is true I will write my self a note.. to figerout what to do.

** ** **

I make the note in ever so careful handwriting :Dear future self. As of November seventh, 2010 5:49 PM I, Liza snartes, or whatever my name is, whoever I become, a scientist named-then I realize it. He doesn't even have the same last name as mine! but I continue- Brandon sorts announced to me that I am a clone. So if you are reading this note, maybe you don't remember me writing it, maybe you are brainwashed or something. He said a short while before you turn sixteen, your middle fifteens you will get superhuman powers. Please do something, former child, Liza Snartes.

I am about to write more when I hear a car pull up. This is strange because we don't usually get company.

I look out of my only bedroom window. For seconds after I remane look's as if.. some type of government car.. has pulled up to our house..more like a government van. Now it is like it is happening in slow motion. I think not my dad. My creator steps out of the house and quickly greets the men, about ten, five stay there but the rest that just came out of the van, they went into the house. You would think, as my ex-father he would tell them to go away or ad least not permit them to go into our house.

Suddenly I wonder why my dad, my ex-dad would let them in. I think about the conversation about twenty minutes ago, when my dad said that I was a clone, if I am, he didn't look like he was going to say that. After all I just said I need to do a bibliography about my family. Where as he replied, a bit coldly, now to think of it, “you have no family, Liza, your a clone, a copy one of many. Suddenly I hear foot steps coming up to my room. Lots of them.

Suddenly my mind goes into hyper drive. Are they here to kidnap me? Use me for a new world order?Without thinking I stuff the note about who I am, sign the date and stuff it into my pants. I know those men could break some doors. I study the men outside, they are straight faced and dressed in black from head to toe. One feature stands out at me. They have guns.

Where should I go what should I do? Suddenly there is a large ramming on the door BAM! BAM! I look desperately around for a weapon. A hah! 'Daddy' must have forgotten to rid my room of dangerous weapons. There is a solid bat in the corner of my bedroom. I take it, faintly grinning. BAM! The door crashes open and three men storm in. All muscles I swing the bat as hard as I can but one grabs the bat before It even goes forward. It is all so surreal. My smile vanishes. They drag me out gruffly as I come out of the room and the three are waiting outside the door. Quickly they put my hands behind my back, nearly dislocating my shoulders then slap handcuffs on my wrists. I stare at my ex-dad. He mummers to them quietly “No need to be rough, she doesn't have her powers, yet.” The men don't react. “Why in hell do you care?” I explode at him. Now the men react. One slaps me over the face, sending stars to my eyes. Another sticks me! In goes a needle, I think it is supposed to calm me down. When that failed they bring a napkin to my nose and mouth. Immediately I stop breathing. Cloraphone, It makes you unconscious. Yet that sickly sweet perfume leaches into my nose and mouth. I feel dizzy. My struggles are getting weaker. They drag me into the van. I hear one sentence “I am so sorry Liza” I am not in a state to think about it. Then I go senseless.

Morning came and Kyle left for school. Still bothered why his mom was so upset recently.
When Kyle was in wood work the intercom blared out: Would Kyle Sorts please come to the office., please Kyle Sorts? Thank-you. There was the usual ooohhs and he's in troubles as he walked down the hall to the office. It was sort of strange- not once had Kyle been called to the office. Once he'd came down there because he'd lost his coat, but never had he been called there. He wondered why.

When he finally came what he saw surprised him. A tall man stood there, looking official. What in...? this would count as strange people wouldn't it? “Hello.” said the man.
“Hello.” He replied calmly as he could.
“Could you come with me?” Asked the man, as if it was the normal thing to do.
“I believe the way to say that is my dog is lost.” Kyle said, smirking.
The man frowned. “No the correct term is going down town.” he clarified briskly.
Kyle gulped. “What did I do?” He asked.
“Muder and assult.” Replied the man emotionless.
“What the hell!” Exclamed Kyle. “Where's the proof, idiot!” He exclaimed, outraged.
“We can't have a trial right now, you can prove your case later.” He said with a sneer, motioning outside towards the black van outside, idling. Kyle stepped outside into the cold autum air. “That doesn't look like a police car.” He said suspiciously. Maybe he did have a right to be nervious, like his mom.
“Glad you noticed that. This is a FBI car.” The man said impatiently.
“Let me see your badge.” Kyle said. “My badge?” The agent said smiling. Now on the opposite side to the window. Kyle went around to see it. “Here it it.” Said the agent grinning as he pressed not a badge, but a gun into Kyle's gut. Kyle's eyes widened and he took in a deep breath. “Think.” The agent ordered oppening the door to the van. “That's what your mother always said, right?” He asked. “What good would it do you if a couple of people died inside that school. And once you've answered that, get inside the van or you will be one of them.” Kyle stepped in the van.

So what do you think? I combined this from many books including Cloning Miranda, by Caral matas.I also got many of the vocab from books. and basic plots. (No plagerism) IE: ever so careful hand writing,snorted as if it was the most ridiculous thing he'd even heard. She'd die of pain. I even enclude some french.

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