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message 1: by Corazon (last edited Sep 06, 2010 12:42PM) (new)

Corazon (corazonsliterature) Has anybody read the "Dragon Kin" series from G.A. Aiken?

Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin, #1) by G.A. Aiken About A Dragon (Dragon Kin, #2) by G.A. Aiken What A Dragon Should Know (Dragon Kin, #3) by G.A. Aiken Last Dragon Standing (Dragon Kin, #4) by G.A. Aiken

These are amazing books with/about dragons.
Though book 1 "Dragon Actually" was not quite my taste (it is good, but not my fave), the other books are wonderful. They have a lot of humor in it, passion, the dragons are sexy as hell, and the story behind it is well written and authentic. As I read them I cried, needed a lot of tissues and laughed without end. It's one of the best series about dragons...

Don't look at the covers, because they don't say anything about the books. IMO they were the wrong choice...

message 2: by Cf (new)

Cf I love this series. However, I did not care for Last Dragon Standing.

I cannot wait for E's and Izzy book. I am a little nervous with the direction she has Izzy going. I hope she does not have her sleeping with the entire platoon just to get back at E (Baby Blue).

I hope E becomes a stone cold badass in the sheets and on the battlefield.

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy | 4 comments I have to agree that this series is very good.I always end up laughing when reading it.

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