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message 1: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
You can talk about Romance books here! Has anyone read any??

message 2: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Hmm I've heard of Nicholas Sparks. Which books did you read? And have you read the movies? (I think there's a movie on ad least one of his books.)

message 3: by Larisa (new)

Larisa | 1 comments He wrote Notebook, Message in the Bottle and both are movies

message 4: by Rivkah (new)

Rivkah (HungerGamesmovieonthe23ofMarch) | 44 comments Mod
Maybe Ally Condie's (Spelling?) new book Matched. It isn't all romance, it's also futuristic and dystopian. (Spoiler) The main character is getting matched, but she finds out she has two matches. The 'society' says it's a glitch, and she should spend her life with her first match, Xander. But she finds herself falling for a abbration, (Something like that?) Ty. Through this is mixed with forbidden love, since he's a abbration, he shouldn't even been entered in the 'matching pool.'
I recommended this book. It's leaning towards fast paced, although the ending (there is a sequel) seemed off.

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