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message 2: by Stacia (the 2010 club) (last edited Sep 06, 2010 12:17PM) (new)

Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) | 827 comments Did not like the first book enough to continue with the series, which is rare for me (Sookie/Southern Vamps and the Need series are the only other ones I can recall for PNR that stalled me at one book). It was just "ok", and when I heard that the series doesn't improve much, I figured it wasn't worth going on.

I already have one so-so series that I'm invested in and that's House of Night. One is probably enough for me. If I had started HoN after reading a lot of the great series that I've started since then, I probably wouldn't have made it past book 1 either.

Although, I'd be curious to see if there's anyone that really is enjoying the books. Maybe if someone can give me a good reason to try it again, I will.

message 3: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
I liked book 1, but the others haven't interested me as much. I'm in the middle of Dark Flame right now. I'm not sure yet.

message 4: by Carrie (Care) (new)

Carrie (Care) (care76) | 1745 comments I thought the first book was ok, but the second drove me insane. That's as far as I'm willing to read in this series.

message 5: by Beccy (new)

Beccy | 2 comments I've read Evermore (The Immortals, #1) by Alyson Noel and really liked it and i plan to read the rest of the books in the series sometime. :-)

message 6: by Lani (new)

Lani (crahfty) I thought the first book was pretty good, the second book a little worse, and the third book pissed me off because I felt nothing was resolved and it was just a book to continue the series. I'm currently a couple chapters into the fourth book and I'm pretty much forcing myself to let go of all the little things that annoy me and finish the book.

The immaturity and constant deception by Ever just makes me want to strangle her. I haven't seen her mature in the first three books, so I'm hoping for a reprive in the fourth book.

Unfortunately I do want to see what happens in the story and therefore feel sucked in to finishing the series. I really hope it gets better...

message 7: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
I guess there will be 6 total in the series.

message 8: by Lani (new)

Lani (crahfty) They need to stop adding books, seriously. I'm almost halfway through Dark Flame and it's not getting better. I'm not seeing legitimate reasons for some of the decision that have been made; not seeing any progress on issues that need to be resolved; and the worst-not seeing any character development on the part of Ever.

I will probably put down the series after this book then. I don't know if I can continue to read it if they keep adding books. The author is not getting better with the series and I really feel like I gave it a good honest shot.

message 9: by Darcy (new)

Darcy (sunnytat462) | 2770 comments I think this is one series where they get worse as they go on. I just picked up Dark Flame from the library yesterday. I really don't know why I keep reading them, maybe because they are short quick reads, but they have been boring me lately.

message 10: by Melodie (new)

Melodie (melodieco) I really liked EVERMORE. Thought BLUE MOON was pretty bad and threw SHADOWLAND across the room at least twice! It was so bad I really thought Alyson Noel owed me for the time I wasted on the book!

message 11: by Lani (new)

Lani (crahfty) Ok, I forgot to post here when I finished Dark Flame. I thought Ever redeemed herself a bit at the end of the book. IMO, she actually started to make better decisions and gained a little maturity. Unfortunately it happened quickly and the only issued resolved were the ones brought about in this book.

message 12: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
Just curious... If Ever kept being reincarnated, why isn't her family and Riley? Did she have to go through time "Here" as Riley calles it in Radiance, before being reincarnated?

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Read Evermore and not planning on reading the rest... The book reminded me of L.J. Smith's Soulmate.
@Heather: ???

message 14: by Tya (new)

Tya | 846 comments This series right here is the reason why I learned that just because a book is on sale doesn't mean that I need to buy it. (And should probably avoid bookstores in the future)I had just gotten paid. I went to my local borders and there was this huge butt display about this series. The first four books, box set, 12 dollars. I said "ooooh! Pretty cover! Interesting blurb. I'll do it!" The first was a quick read. The others would have been a quick read as well. If I could have stopped myself from throwing the books, or pausing to pull WTH? faces at the ridiculousness of everything. I can and have read pretty sucky books before but this series deserves some sort of medal. Kind of like the newbery looking medal on the Dumb Bunnies book that says: I'm too dumb to win anything! But this one could say I'm too dumb to be read. I hate selling books and have tried giving these stupid book case space stealing craptastic books away but people keep. Giving. Them. BACK! And as long as they sit on my shelf, the completionist in me wants to buy the rest of the series and read it. The other part of me says that I would sooner stab myself in the eye then finish this horrendous series. And the completionist says, "Thats the reason audio books were created". Feel bad for me people.

message 15: by Darcy (new)

Darcy (sunnytat462) | 2770 comments I have to say that this series is one that gets worse as it does, but I can't bring myself to stop reading them. I am glad they are short books and the series is almost done.

message 16: by Heather (new)

Heather T (horrorvacui000) | 5931 comments Mod
Ginny, Ever's soul was reincarnated and she's lived multiple lives, but if you read the spinoff books it looks like her sister and parents aren't going to be reincarnated any time soon. I was just curious as to what made Ever different.
Does that make sense?

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Heather wrote: "Ginny, Ever's soul was reincarnated and she's lived multiple lives, but if you read the spinoff books it looks like her sister and parents aren't going to be reincarnated any time soon. I was just ..."

Yep. Maybe it's because Ever's special... or maybe Damen did something? No idea, read only the first book..

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