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message 1: by Sandra (new)

Sandra  (sleo) | 314 comments Mod
Mary, have you read all of HoN? Is this a reread?

message 2: by Betsey (new)

Betsey (llamaduck) | 28 comments I'm currently reading it for the first time. I'm to the part where they are passing through Constantinople. Having read the Lymond Chronicles, my heart definitely sank when Nicholas has a moment of foreshadowing.

message 3: by Betsey (new)

Betsey (llamaduck) | 28 comments so, I've reached the part where Nicholas has his first uh interactions with the Emperor of Trebizond. And the part where he goes into the steam baths, encounters the boys, and all that follows before the festival (haven't read that).

here's a question that I pondered after pawn in frankincense - is the man/boy love that Dunnett writes about in the various eastern european/asian city states a reflection of reality at that time or our own prejudices about those people & times?

message 4: by Mickey (new)

Mickey | 61 comments Hi Betsey,

Dorothy always researched her novels. It was a reality of the times.


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