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Emily  | 85 comments Name: Brightsky

Gender: Female

Clan: Windclan

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: http://pages.prodigy.net/silverpurkat...

Personality: Brightsky is clever and great at solving problems. She believes in coming up with a logical, reasonable solution rather than fighting. She doesn't like to fight unless it's the absolute last resort or she's being attacked. Though curious when it comes to new things, she knows when it's better to stay away. The same goes for when another cat is grumpy. She can tell when it's best to back off. She normally looks on the sunny side of everything, but when her happiness fades, it's usually sorrow, not anger, that replaces it. Her optimism can seem annoying to some at times, but it's her way of trying to lighten up the day. She is very easy going and tries to get on everyone's good side because she hates arguing.

History: Brightsky was born into WindClan from two WindClan parents.

Kin: Open

Crush: None

Mate: None

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily  | 85 comments Does my character have to be approved before I RP it? *twitches with anticipation*

message 3: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Yep- accepted

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily  | 85 comments Whoa hey! Peoples are on. I thought I was alone.

message 5: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Nah, I'm usually on around tht time... sometimes ;)

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