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Music befitting the book

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message 1: by Don (new)

Don Mitchell | 3 comments When practicing some standards today, I came across 2 songs from the 30's which perfectly go with the book:

River, Stay 'Way from My Door, Mort Dixon & Harry Woods, 1931

You keep going your way, I'll keep goin' my way. River, stay way from my dooor. I just got a cabin, you don't need my cabin, River stay way from my door...

Rain, DeRose, 1934

Rain, when ya gonna rain again? Rain grow the golden grain again. Shower your blessings on me. Rain, make the rivers deep again. Rain, please don't let me weep again. Shower your blessings on me. The cows in the meadow and the sheep in the corn, they know that something is wrong. Old Mother Earth can never give birth when you're away so long...

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Hoover (michellehoover) | 30 comments Mod
These are wonderful! Thanks Don!

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