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message 1: by Glen (new)

Glen The best novel category is a tie!

Best Novel winners:
The Windup Girl
The City & The City

Here are all the results:

message 2: by Bryan (new)

Bryan (blyoung) | 13 comments I think that The Windup Girl was worthy of the win. It's previously won the Nebula, a rare two-time winner for a first novel.

I haven't read the China Miéville book, so I can't comment on it, but I will add it to my to-read pile.

The only other nominee that I had read was Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America by Robert Charles Wilson. While I enjoyed it enthusastically, in my opinion it was not quite as good as the Windup Girl.

Good to see a Jack Vance book in the winnings, too!
This is Me, Jack Vance!

message 3: by colleen (new)

colleen (colleenfl) I added the two winning novels to my TBR list and requested them from the library. They sound interesting.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm glad The Windup Girl won. The City & The City was kind of overrated if you ask me, but the bigger reason why I'm annoyed that it won is that it frankly wasn't AT ALL sci-fi OR fantasy. I hate writers winning these awards for books that have nothing to do with the genre, only because previous works had been sci-fi. It's pretty silly.

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