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Welcome to the small town of Newfall! Here you can shop at Nookingtons, or The Able Sisters' clothes shop. Make friends, explore, and visit the City if you want to escape town life for a while. Events will be posted on the bulletin board, and don't forget to ask the gate guards who is coming. Have fun!

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Cassandra woke up one morning. She stretched, then ran downstairs. She threw open the door, and breathed in the fresh spring air. She ran outside, and ran around randomly. She arrived at her garden, which was filled with flowers. A frown spread over her face as she saw her roses wilting. She took out her golden watering can, and watered them. Satisfied, Cassandra put her watering can away. She ran to the town hall, and checked the recycling bin. It was empty.

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Avis jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. She played K.K. Dixie on the stereo, and threw open the door. She took out her golden fishing rod and walked down to the ocean's edge. She threw in the line, and soon enough a fish swam by. It saw the lure, and she grinned mischievously. As soon as the fish bit the lure, she tugged the rod. Soonafter, a rather large napoleonfish came out of the water, she grabbed it and shoved it into her pockets. She took out her parasol, and walked up to Able's. She opened the door, ding-ding went the bell. "Welcome!" Said Mabel. Avis was a regular customer. "Hi, got any new designs in?" Avis asked, putting down her parasol. "Something summery, maybe?". Mabel looked around, and pulled out a pattern with a summery yellow flower on it. "I have this, it's one of Sable's own!" She beamed. "Beautiful! I love it! Sable's patterns are just the best" She said, picking it up. She changed into it, and twirled. "Does it suit me?" Avis asked. "Yes, you look wonderful!" Mabel responded. "Sable, what do you think?" She asked. Sable looked up from her sewing machine. "Oh?" She said shyly. "You look wonderful, dear" She smiled, and continued.

Avis looked around the shop, and brought out a lite polka shirt. "I love this! It'll be perfect for going to see K.K.! How much?" Avis asked Mabel. "That's 380 bells, dear" Mabel smiled. "But if you haven't enough on you, you can always pay me back" She smiled. Avis handed over the bells. "Here, thank you!" She said, nodding to them and rushing out.

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Cassie saw a large, multicoloured beetle resting on a tree. She grinned, pulling out her net. She sneaked up to it, and BAM. It was hers.

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"Cass!" Avis exclaimed.

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Cass turned around, and waved at Avis. "Hi!"

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"Whatcha up to?"

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"Not much. I was going to Nooks."

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"Ok. I'm gonna go get some cash out of the bellpoint."

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"See you" Avis smiled, walking over to the town hall. She checked the notice board, and clapped her hands together as she saw there was a fireworks display tonight.

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Cass skipped over to Nibbles, who spent a good two minutes telling Cass about her new dress.

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She walked inside the town hall, and walked over to the bellpoint. She got out 10,000 bells.

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Cass walked away, and went to catch a fish.

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Avis ran after Cass. "Fishing?" She asked. "I'll come!!"

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"Okay." Cass said, spotting a shark.

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Avis saw the shark, and threw her golden rod in. It bit once, twice, thrice, and then grabbed it. "Waaugh!" She screeched, smiling. "Help, Cass!" She beamed. She tugged at it.

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Cass helped her tug it out. It was huge, and her face grinned. "Blathers will love us!"

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"Awesome! It's a Hammerhead!" She beamed. "Let's go hand it in!" She said, putting the huge fish in her pockets.

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"How it fits in there, I don't know."

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"All I can say is: Nintendo physics." She grinned.

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Cassie grinned.

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"So, come on!" Avis smiled, rushing off to the museum.

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Cassie raced after her.

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Avis came to halt by the museum, and walked in. "Hi, Blathers!" She smiled. "I caught a Ha--" She started. He was asleep, again, she sighed, and went over to him, tapping him lightly. "Bla-thers" She chanted. "I caught a Hammerhead with Cass" He woke up, and she handed him the fish.

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