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Post your storys!

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Kat (sugaraddict) OMG Thanks mike.

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Kat (sugaraddict) I walked along the sandy beach, scared, alone. My long blonde hair flew in front in front of my face the blue streak standing out in front of the orange sunset. My emerald-green eyes bored out onto the ocean, looking for something; I didn't know what, but for something. It was so cold in maine with ripped jeans and a long-sleved shirt under a grey hoodie, my backpack carrying one blanket and some food. My black converse stood out on the sandy almost gray sand.

"Hey, are you old enough to be out this late?" called a voice behind her. I was annoyed, this is why I ran away people always annoying me with stupid questions like that I thought. "It's only 8:30" I retorted. "So, what are you eleven?" The voice from behind her resoned. "Pssh sure, I'm 15! How old are you?" I was pretty sure it was a boy. "Hmmm let's see what's the date? oh yeah, I'm 16" The voice called. "So you're a minor also? Cool... what's your name?" I reckoned he'd say something like Spike, or Rocker. "Ryan, what about you?" Ryan said. I was negotiating with myself whether to say my real name, Melissa or not, I was on the run aren't I? "Mel" It was a compromise. "So Mel," Ryan had caught up to me. "Where are you going?" Ryan obviously a nosy little weasel. "I don't know, I think I'm walking to florida where it's warm." I was beginning to wonder my self where wAs I going? "Pssshh goodluck, but same here i don't really know...i just was tired of my parents telling me they know best, blah, blah,blah,blah,blah! Ryan was going on a rampage it seemed. "Omg me too lol I know" I was beginning to like this kid...

I walked down the beach with Ryan and I got to know Ryan. He grew up with 4 siblings 1 older brother 1 older sister 2 younger sisters, twins. He never got any attention on the GOOD things he did like get an A on his report card or get his drivers license he only got attention on the bad things. Like getting a D in math or crashing a dirt bike. I could so relate to that, with being middle of 2 annoying brothers.
When I looked at ryan his spiky, brown hair his vans the camo cargo pants and his black hoodie the deep blue eyes that seemed to bore into my soul. I had this feeling that I knew him from somewhere maybe in a past life now Im not all into all that voodooyish stuff so thats crazy coming from me but its just this feeling, I know Im being all mushy and stuff but its awesome and nothing can describe it when he looks into my eyes and smiles at a cheesy joke i popped thats so stupid its funny. I'm not in love but it feels like he's a long lost non-annoying brother or something...

Well we started right on the East Coast of Maine. By the time it was dark and we could barely see in front of us, we decided to go to sleep. No one was out at the beach but to be sure we went to the rocks and took shelter in a cave. I heard a beep then a glow hitting Ryan's face. He was looking at his watch, it said 10:30. We must've walked about 5 miles.
"Are you cold?" Ryan asked casually. "Not really, you?" I was lying, saying that. I was cold but i had like dug an opening in the sand and the sand was still warm from when the sun glazed it all day yesterday. So that's where I would sleep. "Little bit, i'm setting my alarm for 6:30, right at dawn so that we can get going before huge crowds get here." As Ryan said this he was acting very smart and mature "Okay, we should sleep behind the rocks, just in case some morning joggers decide to take a stroll into the scarier part of the beach." I was trying to be all bold and smart, like Ryan saying that but now in hindsight, it just sounded abnoxious. "G'night" With the wave of a hand And friendly gesture we both fell asleep

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Kat (sugaraddict) Diff story:
It all started, when I was walking home from Jackson's house.
It was around 12:30 AM. It was only a few blocks away. I shut the front door, the freezing air cutting into my sweatshirt. The auburn leaves skattered the sidewalk, slippery from the rain. MY dark brown hair flew in front of my face the cold wind whipping away. I lost my footing and slipped, falling on my knees. I cursed and tried to wipe some of the freezing water off of my pants. I heard a giggle from across the street to see a group of girls in thier pajamas staring at me from an open window in a house. I pretended like I didn't notice them. There was a slight ripped open hole in my jeans where it scraped the pavement letting the chilly air in. It made its way through my pants, chilling my bones so my legs were numb. I crossed the street and kept walking, stopping when I reached a slippery area. I saw a shadow coming from the back of a house and spun to look directly at it, thinking it was Jade. No luck, though. Probably just a dog or something. Then I felt a grip on my shoulder. I froze, I was a black belt and all that but still...

"Come with me." The voice from behind me whispered. The voices was rattling. Like a hiss, and rough. The caluses from their hands were so rough I could feel the hardness through my jacket. Their breath was crawling down my neck giving me goosebumps. It smelled of alchlohol, pot, and cheese burgers. I shudder. "Or what?" I answered. "Or you'll die." The voice said. "Oh, stop trying to be all tough." A soft, smooth, woman voice came behind me farther away. It was sassy and low-ish. The hands released, slapping to his sides. "Nina, you ruin everything." He grunted. The 'Nina' snorted. "I guess I do, Rich." She said. Oh, great a Rich too. She stood in front of me, the dim lighting of the lamp post wasn't great detail. She had dark auburn hair. Smooth locks at the ends which stopped a few inches below her shoulders. She had a enormous sidebang. Her eyes were a strange greyish-blue. Her skin was lightly tanned, or maybe it was just the lighting. Her hoodie and basket ball shorts must've been frezing but she didn't look like she minded.

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Kat (sugaraddict) I found a cat.
And a hat.
The hat fit the cat quite well.
Then I was in heaven, holding the cat, and the cat holding the hat.
Zeus was holding heaven, heaven was holding me, me was holding teh cat, and the cat was holding the hat.
God was holding Zeus, Zeus was holding heven, heaven was holding me, Me was holding cat, cat was holding hat
Sky was holding God, God was holding Zeus, Zeus was holding heaven, heaven was holding me, I was holding cat, cat was hlding hat.

So balanced- Only to fall by a small olive tree shaken in the wind. An olive fell, catching Sky off guard and wobbling. Sky dropped god, god dropped zeus, zeus dropped heaven, Heaven dropped me, I dropped cat, cat dropped the hat. And we all came tumbling down.

The olive sat alone and sad.

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Kat (sugaraddict) When you want to be heard,
You speak.

When you want to be quiet,
You're weak.

When you want them to listen,
You yell.

But that,
Always turns out like Hell.

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