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Kable heres your own!

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I can’t believe I have to go camping! It’s the middle of the summer and I still have to go on this stupid annual camping trip!
“Dad, why do I have to do this? I already have plans to see a movie with friends.”
“Well change the plans.”
“Sorry that won’t happen.”
“Do you know what will happen? I’ll answer that my self: you going camping.”
“But why camping?”
“Because it is annual.”
“Can’t you just change the date?”
“That would make it sub-annual, besides you loved it last year.”
“That was before I had plans to see the biggest movie of all time.”
Oh my –he walks away, I want to punch him so bad. He just irritates me. I mean really, it’s a canyon surrounded by woods –what’s so special about it? Then again, there is the legend of the dead soul
–oh, who cares. I know Rob, Tom, and Kate are going too, but it still all we’ll do is roast marshmallows and hot dogs. The only thing good is that I see my cousin -Tom, my best friend -Rob, and his sister
Oh well, I am just gonna go outside and read my book by the pond. It’s so peaceful, the little waterfall, the bridge and the sight of birds flying and the cheers of golfers who just made a birdie in the golf course by my house. I just space out completely, all I hear is the sweet sound of pages turning.
I just love the way my backyard looks: the deck completely brown, it keeps me from going mad literally. The fact that the deck is brown is the one factor that keeps me from burning the thing down. I can’t take the constant errrrrr of the boards.
I forgot what I was doing so I just walk back into my room downstairs. I stare at my birthday pictures; I have my first through thirteenth birthdays there. I can’t wait until my fourteenth. In all of the photos Rob is there. He has the same name as me. Robert.
I never really thought about him for a while because I haven’t seen him forever.
Anyway I don’t see a point in going because it’s only for the weekend. It seems ridiculous. I go one year happily, the next year I’m expected to do the same. I hate the world right now. I have nothing to look forward to except the eighth grade. Oh yeah, there’s no good in that. All the teachers do is lecture you on how to find Einstein’s theories useful in everyday life.
That reminds me not to use theories that weren’t created by me. Oh who cares? I never use theories, but even if I did I would use my favorite: “Infinity is only reached by death,” I only created it to sound cool. You have to admit it does make me sound highly educated. I never really have liked school. I space out, but since I am a good math student I get the benefit of the doubt. When ever the teachers ask what am I doing when I am talking to a friend I just say “Helping him/her, he/she feels he/she needs help from a pier rather than a superior, plus he/she doesn’t want to disturb you.”
As I contemplate what would have happened if I had spontaneously combusted five minutes ago when I was talking to my dad, I turned on my favorite song –Everlost. It kept me from being obnoxious –but that was temporary. I space out from the world and listen to it.
…I would give anything to live, but I would give my life to be Everlost! I have been wandering the cities of life, wondering what will happen next! I will jump right off my life and into the light, but I’d bounce into Everlost and be et-
I was still listening to it in my head so I didn’t notice what was happening. All I could see is my reflection in something –the car window! How long was I spaced out? I lift my head and I hit it against the car ceiling. “Ouch,” I yelled or at least I thought I did.
“What happened,” I ask with a grimace.
“When you were listening to your music you spaced out so much you didn’t see that African vase wobbling,” my dad says with no feeling whatsoever.
“Where are we going?”
“To the hospital.”
“Because we think you have a concussion.”
“Rrrrriiiiiight, so the fact that there was a trip wire and that the car is full of camping supplies has nothing to do with it?”
“Well the vase falling on your head was not planned. We were going to just wait until you fell asleep and then put you in the car.”
“So either way you guys were going force me to go?”
“Wow, now that I know I have good parents just makes me happier,” I say sarcastically. “Hey, dad where are Tom, Rob, and Kate?”
“On speaker phone.”
“We wanted to see if you would say anything embarrassing in your sleep.”
“Wait, whose phone is it?”
“Aaand she’s the one listening?’
“Yeah I am the only one listening,” answers Kate.
Great, everybody in my family knows I have had a crush on Kate since the fourth grade, that I say her name in my sleep –don’t ask. Well that blows any chance with her. Yay.
“We are here,” exclaims Dad, which sort of breaks the tension, but it brings a whole different type of tension.
Oh no –not this campsite, it is so loud! There is either birds tweeting, rivers rushing, or bears moaning. I am never going to get sleep!
I walk as far away as I can and fast. After walking for a couple of minutes I hear growling. I turn and see a wolf pack. I turn back around to escape, but then I realize I’m cornered. I wish I had a knife, at least then I could defend my self.
Suddenly I feel something pop into my hand. A knife! Before I can wonder how it got there the first wolf charged. I thrust the knife straight into the wolf’s chest. I throw it hundreds of feet away, which I didn’t know how I did it, but now I am defenseless. Another knife pops into my hand, but I just roll with it –another wolf charges before I can react, well before I can react. My other personality/fight-y thing mabobber starts attacking the wolf. It’s like Clash of the Titans.
“What the he-“
“Uhhmm, it’s not what it looks like,” I say not knowing who was there.
“So what is it then,” Kate says.
Oh so it is Kate, I’m so screwed!
“Uhhh, a party?”
“With wolves?”
“A costume party?”
“Sure… and why are there dead wolves everywhere and a million knives?”
“Freak freight plane accident.”
“Wha- Watch out!”
And that’s when it hits me, the wolf that is. Kate screams, and Tom comes to see what happened, seeing that he is her boyfriend. At first he doesn’t notice me then he sees the dead wolves and the final wolf attacking me.
He says my nickname so Rob doesn’t get confused –otherwise Rob would come and that would be a huge mess.
Magnum, I think and as the knife did it appeared. I shot the wolf and then through it, like the others I threw, it went hundreds of feet away. I stare at my hands –bloody, and the source of many deaths and covered with scars. I am no longer a normal kid and neither are Tom or Kate. I am either a killing machine or I am a complete psychopath.
I feel sorry for Kate. She witnessed a horrific event. She witnessed deaths by my hand. She now has first hand experience of dealing with deaths of many. I would kill myself before I let anyone witness that again. Of course I know it is going to be Rob next. There isn’t a way to keep him from seeing me kill. Besides I’m pretty sure Tom has already told him. All I can do is hope for the best.
-Too late somebody screamed, and I’m already running.

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TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 272 comments Mod
Chapter Two

By the time I get to the place where Kate screamed Tom and Rob are already there. They are trying to fight off -off…beasts. That’s the only word I have for them. Tom is a lot stronger than any of us so he was fighting more viscously than Rob. Kate is pretty much doomed with only them to fight. She knows that I can make anything appear and that I can’t show the fact that I can so I just sit there wondering what will happen next. Kate screams again and I decide to help. I think about what to use, then it hits me like a rock –literally I was struck by a rock when I got the idea. A rifle!
The noise from the rifle loading was louder than expected. I shot the rifle and the round went straight through one beast and into another. Another shot. Another dead beast, one more.
All the beasts are dead. I have won.
Well, winning that battle came with a price –one I lost a finger, two I can’t hide the fact that I am I murderer. I have murdered beings that shouldn’t have died today and I have just realized that today. I must leave. I can’t let my parents see me. I must leave. Before I do I might as well ask if any of them of seen them.
“Tom, have you seen my parents?”
“Uhh –they are dead…”
“Just kidding.”
“They just left us alone.”
“Are you lying?”
“We are so dead.”
“I personally think we’ll be fine on account that you made a rifle appear out of nowhere!
“True,” agrees everybody except Kate.
Kate just sat there staring in awe. I saved everybody, great. I am a dead man! Now these “beasts” know that I am “magic”.
Oh who gives, I am dead anyway –well not literally of course, but still no matter what I’m not getting out of this forest alive. I am never going to have a girlfriend. I always wanted to ask Kate out, but never had the courage.
Oh who cares? Oh yeah, me!
Well today I have decided to (A): ask Kate out to a walk-thingy as a date, and (B): see what else I can do with my hands.
OK lets see I can make anything appear, throw things hundreds of feet away –what else would be cool to do? Ooh, blow stuff up.
As I stick my right hand out in front of me I realize that everything in front of me is gone. Wow, hands can do a lot of damage.
“So now you can blow stuff up,” asks a voice I only know as Kate’s.
“Yes, and the latest poll states you are with Tom,” I reply.
“Nice detective work Sherlock,” mocks Tom.
“Right –so this means Rob is here too.”
“Thanks for the update captain obvious.”
“That’s my phrase,” I say with no seriousness in my voice. “So…how y’all doing?”
“Terrible,” answers everyone –including me.
“So anyways… I saw a dude qewple minutes ago. He looked around nineteen or twiny an just wan’ed y’all to coome to talk to heem for heilp,” says Rob who I just noticed had a Texas accent –no that was his impression.
After that there was a long pause, and then Kate broke the silence by suggesting we should go talk to the stranger and ask for advice. We all agree. Right before I start walking Tom tells me to come over there. I bet this is him warning me to stay away from Kate –as it turns out I was right.
“Why,” he asks.
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t play dumb, you know what happened.”
“Well you’re wrong so just tell me what happened or I’ll knock you into last night,” I say, which is odd for me because I barely ever suggest violence –but as no-it-all-Adam says “peace can’t exist without war” or as I put it “sometimes people just need to smacked silly.”
“Alright. Fine, I’ll repeat it you. You tried to get Kate to dump me.”
“As easy as that would be I did not. I could, but I didn’t. Kate doesn’t need urging to dump you. She already made up her mind.”
“I know, she chose me.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure, but don’t worry she’ll tell you tonight,” and I left knowing that would leave him contemplating, and you know what I wasn’t lying. I knew that she would tell Tom who she would date and when she’d dump them, because Kate and I had a private meeting –the walk. I’ll tell you the second answer: never.

A day later I found myself on top of the highest tree in the forest with a sniper. I can see the whole entire forest. Somehow we went from Yellowstone to a random island. I am looking for any approaching hostiles or civilization. None in sight (if that was a bit random it’s not my fault).
I hop down to the ground to talk to Rob about the mysterious guy he saw last night. All he knows is that the stranger was drinking a blue fluid and eating a purple piece of meat. Here was my exact thought: Who eats purple meat?
“Are you sure he wasn’t eating pink meat?”
“Odd, now do you have the ladder ready yet?”
“Ok so we have the first level of the tree house done, the barracks completed and the bridge halfway done.”
If you are wondering how all this happened I’ll tell you. So after me and Tom had the talk we all went to the place where Rob saw the stranger and he was gone. All we saw was an open space. And that’s when it hit me (again). I could make a large tree house appear. I could create a city. I could make this place a paradise. I could make us survive. I did as I told myself to do. As I did it I was thinking who Kate chose (That is why I didn’t tell you the answer to the first thingy-ma-jig). And that is how all the stuff happened.

Later that day I sat at in my tree house watching TV (which I installed that day) and flipped on CBS and it was Two News at Ten. I saw four pictures of kids, and they were me, Tom, Kate, and Rob. We were wanted for Poaching, Kidnapping, and Vandalism. I can prove that that happened. Just look up –no I’m not gonna tell you what to look up.

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You don’t know what it’s like to be exiled out of your own nation. I’m a soldier who was kicked out of his own country. I left the UK because I had to. Not because I wanted to. My life went down in flames since I was Burn Noticed. I am no longer welcome. So I fled to The United States, but when I got there, agents from the UK were already there. I tried to run away. When I finally got away, I decided I would be a normal sixteen year old. Yes sixteen. A sixteen year-old soldier who was exiled, yep, that’s right. Anyway, I got into a school called Juan Diego, in Utah. So I just bought a house up the street, which was hard.
So I tried to be normal, but after the second week, things got out of control. I was walking in the hall when someone shot. I turned to see a guy with a paintball, so I wasn’t that scared. He shot me in the face, but I wiped the paint away and walked to him.
“Oh, isn’t it the little toy soldier.”
I sneered at him.
“You don’t scare me,” he stated.
At that I grabbed him by the chest disarmed him and pushed him down.
“Anybody could have done that, what about fighting me?” He asked, and I smiled and walked toward him. He tried to punch me, but I grabbed his arm twisted. I got on the other side of him and jabbed him in the lower back. He fell down, unconscious.
“I’m not so toy-ish now, aren’t I?” I said with a chuckle.
I walked away, smiling as everyone backed away.
The next week a girl walked toward me during lunch.
“Is it true you were a soldier in the war?” she asked
“Yeah, why?” I questions as I expected her, wondering what she could possibly want. She looked nice.
“Just wondering who you were.”
“The name is Carson, ‘Kable’ Carson.”
“Oh, okay, by Carson.”
I smiled; I had never been called by my real name before. I ate my lunch that day happily. I watched people look over me skeptically, and they were looking at me with curiosity, not disgust. Of course that’s not how it got weird. How it got weird was when I got to my shack-y thing, the girl was there.
“How the? Who the? What the,” I questioned.
“I looked you up in the phone book.”
“How’d you find me? I’m not even in the phone book!”
“Not the one you left in homeroom”
I checked my back pocket, and my locator was gone. I had the other end at the house.
“Oh god, what do you want?”
“To ask you out.”
“Ha! You must have something wrong, I am the least likeable kid in Utah.”
“Not in Unit 54-C, battalion A-5 back in the UK.”
I knew she had looked familiar, she was my squads Demo man.
“Yes, you twit.”
“I thought you were terminated.”
“Nah, evicted, like you.”
Then I realized something, they had not told her that I was exiled, she thought I was gone because of budget cuts, not because I had done something that a soldier should never do.

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The Beginning of the

It was the Winter Solstice. The Titans reign was at its end. Yet it wasn’t over yet. The Titan’s were arguing over what they should do about the Gods. Kronos wanted to send them to Tatars, the others agreed, except Rhea who secretly had Zeus hidden. They were arguing when suddenly a man burst in.
“Your end is soon Kronos. The gods will win. You can change that. Fight is what you do. I recommend you prepare for a war.”

Hundreds of years later it was the last Winter Solstice of The Titans. They remembered the prophecy profoundly. They knew Kronos was ready for a war. A war that inevitably would cause the end of all peace. The Titans had seen the power of the gods. They knew they were out there preparing. They had no idea that Man would be a major role in the war. They didn’t know that below them back on earth humans had their spears ready, that all the Heroes were preparing. They didn’t know that the gods already had mortal kids. Except neither did the Heroes themselves.

Inore Paloni was a General in the Human Army. He was preparing for battle when his son burst in.
“Papa! Don’t leave! You will die in a day!”
“Not in this lifetime Fucnair.”
“But fa-“
“Leave son. The Humans shall win this war. We fight each other every second, but today we fight side by side.”
At that Inore picked up his shield and spear and left. He lined up with the other men. Some of them were as young as twenty some as old as forty. He stood proud. He had no idea that some people were spies for monsters. He had no idea that there was a fourth parry in this war.
As they marched towards the palace of Cronus they split in two groups. One marched into a cave that lead into a labyrinth that was built not by Daedalus but Cronus himself. Inore chose the company that lead toward the eternal maze. He led the company into the cave. As they walked they went through different tunnels and rooms. After a few days of travel they entered a large room. Inore took his sword out and prepared for battle, not knowing that there wasn’t one, not yet anyway.
Inore went toward the other end of the cave. He told his men to split into teams of two and scout out the tunnels.
“Wait! General Paloni!”
Great, he thought. I have to deal with this brat!
“Hello, Caesar.”
“Why do you say ‘hey’? It’s improper.”
“Because there are monsters with in these caves. The others will die, and then the monsters will chase us through this unending maze.”
Inore kept looking at Caesar. He wondered how Caesar knew so much. He was only twenty. Then a nonhuman scream rang out.
“RUUUUUN!” Caesar screamed.
Inore ran away from the noise. He looked back at what seemed to be a large bear that had the head of a rhino and a neck head of a dragon.
“What is that?”
“I don’t know” replied Caesar.
Inore took his sword out and put on his shield. Then he charged at the beast. He whacked it with his shield and jabbed at it with his sword. It was direct hit to the face. The beast ripped the sword out with its paws, unmoved by the attack.
“How? That was the greatest sword in mankind possession?”
“In man’s possession, not in the Titan’s. They made us murder each other in meaningless wars. Now we all stand against them, as one, along side the Titans kids; the gods.”
“We must run, time if of the essence.”
Inore nodded at Caesar. They both took off down the maze hall. They turned. It was a simple maze. Easy to go through, yet it was packed with monsters. Years later a son of Athena would mimic Kronos’s maze yet he would make it more elaborate, and only have one sole monster.
Inore found an exit. He went out of it and came into a large room full of people in pain. And then he saw it. It was a large beast with a head of a bull and a body of human.”

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A Dog Eats My Dad’s Porsche

If you are reading this, than I am already laughing at you. Seriously, if you have common sense, stop reading you incompetent buffoon! I could tell you what happened on August sixteenth two thousand-ten, but then I’d have to kill you. Sounds like fun, so here’s how it happened. I had a friends over for a party, and of course me parents were unaware; anyway I was playing Modern Warfare 2 when I hear a huge Ca-chink!
I walk outside to see my best friend’s sister, scratching a twenty foot dog.
“What is that?” I asked my friend, who happens to be named the same name as me, Robert.
“A twenty foot dog being petted by my sister.”
“I know that! But what is it doing here?”
“Being scratched by my sister.”
“Ugh! Okay what is a twenty foot demon dog doing on my driveway! And why is it chewing on my dad’s Boxste- MY DAD’S BOXTER!”
“Dude, you are so screwed.”
I knew that was true, but being the great-great-great something or what grandson to a famous Spartan general, and being one of the only remaining Spartans (Undetected, of course) this stuff happens all the time. Literally, two weeks back I accidentally blew up the capitol building, but that’s another story.
Anyway after twenty-seven minutes of pure shock I decided it was time to end the party, I rushed everyone out and then looked at the car, I was about to come up with an idea, when someone interrupted.
“Dad is gonna kill you,” said my sister, Maddie.
“Shut up.”
“You can’t tell me what to do, I’m older.”
“Well I have a mace with your name on it,” I threatened, and she left ‘cause I meant business. And NOT the kind that involves investing in a 42k.

A couple of days later, I got my punishment, took it, and went to school. That was where I made my fatal flaw. I know you hate school, but school hates ME. I would walk in, and the teachers would stop talking and give me the evil eye, which is odd when it comes from your cousin who is a teacher at your school.
As I walked into Mrs. Rose’s class I saw Rachel, I ducked because she hated me, and I wasn’t that fond of her either. And I never realized how good friends we were going to be.
After a while I ditched school and went to Wendy’s with a couple of friends for lunch. When I got a call from someone at school, it was my sister.
“What,” I said into the phone.
“Mrs. Rose is looking for you.”
“How do you know?”
“Because I do!”
“What ever, just tell her I’m, uhh…undefined.”
“Nahh… I’ll say you cut school.”
“When you come home I’m gonna kill you!”
“I’m not.”
“Then I will break your IPod,” I threatened.
“You wouldn’t.”
“I would,” I said and then she hung up. I hated my sister. Anyway after I snuck back into school in fifth period I saw the principal walking my way.
On instinct I ran away. I looked around me. I grabbed a hose threw it up latching on to a bar. I ran to the stairs, I looked at my schedule, Room A-13. I ran towards the hall way. I saw Room A-13. I went in before the principal saw me. I looked up and realized I was only a minute late. All the students were looking at me. I walked to an open desk.
I can’t tell you it wasn’t awkward. All the guys looked at me as if were an alien, then again I was a lacrosse player, and they were all football players. So I kind of was an alien. I didn’t pay much attention to the teacher, so well; I had to draw myself a detention slip.
Okay, when you saw the cover to the cover you were most likely like; “This looks like a war book!” well it isn’t. I’ll explain the title as I tell the story (not a bedtime story).

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