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American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

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message 1: by Travon (new)

Travon Williams | 3 comments American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang American Born Chinese is a very authentic, great book for this generation and all races. Now, it may be a turn off for some people just looking at the cover or those who usually don’t read graphic novels. The drawings are fantastic and the overall strong morals and theme add to the story. Plus this novel has a very positive and comical funny vibe to it. My first impression of American Born Chinese, after looking at the cover, was that it was very stupid. Yet this book looked promising based on being on the list for the Grand River book reads. After reading it I realized I underestimated the power of graphic novels and Gene Luen Yang. The plot was very chronological because it all comes together very neatly at the end. One story is about a Chinese boy that moves into a new neighborhood and is having a hard time fitting in and having a love life. He likes this American girl but doesn’t know if she likes him back and does all these kinds of crazy things to get her attention with his friend. Another one is about a crazed monkey king that rules over all monkeys. But wants to be treated as a god. Through this tail he learns morals and that he can’t be a god. The last story is about a guy named Danny who has a stereotypical Chinese relative who always comes to visit his school and ruins his reputation. This time things turn out differently. While you’re reading it you might be a little confused or assume other things about the book. There were a few twists and turns that I did not see coming, which just adds to how good of a writer Gene Luen Yang is. The style was laughingly very accurate to the title of the book, the characters were well developed, and the ending left me with a sense of closure, I’d definitely recommend this book as a read to anyone who has a good sense of humor and likes to laugh.

message 2: by Mason (new)

Mason | 3 comments I agree with Travon. This book I found interesting. In the beginning there were three different stories. As I kept reading I found out how they all tie together in the end.
The main morals I took from this book is that it is okay to be different in school, and don't let little things like what people are saying behind your back. Being different is what makes humans so special. We all are different. Do you know how boring life would if we were all the same. There is no such thing as normal. Don`t try and fight with yourself to be normal, if you do you will regret it in the end. Be who you want to be. The second moral is something I think we should all think about. People who say things behind your back are just cowards. If you don`t have the courage to come up to you and insult you they are not worth. Also why should we care what people say. If you are going to be mad because of someone who said something behind your back, you should let it go. If you stay mad they are sleeping soundly at night, just let it go.
I recommend this book to people who think that they should be normal and not be themselves. This will help them see that it is okay to be different, but in a fun way. I also recommend this book to fifth graders because young kids need to start learning to accept people for who they are. And yet people wonder why bullying is such a big deal. The reason seems to be that there is no acceptance to other people.
So to wrap it all up you should be yourself and don`t let anyone take you down. This book shows you that and more lessons but in a comedic and funny way.

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