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Andy | 1538 comments Mod





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Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Name: Thalia
Gender: female
Age: 11

Appearance: Young:

Older: http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_ima...

Colony: Fire
Villiage: Fire Nation Capital
Element: Fire

Family: Azula...
Friends: ??
Crush: ??

Other: Her mother went insane and was shipped to an insane asylum, where they found out she was pregnant, they delivered her baby, and then sent her to an orphanage. Her goal is to take revenge on the Avatar and his friends... Only the avatar has been missing, possibly dead. Then who is the new avatar?

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Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
Name: Tandia
Gender: female
Age: 3 right now, but when it time travells she'll be 19

Appearance: black hair- straight, green eyes

Colony: Earth
Villiage: Omashu
Element: Earth

Family: none
Friends: --
Crush: N.O.N.E.

Other: she lives in Omashu with her foster parents. they dont like anything abnormal (sort of like the dursleys in harry potter haha). she's an earth bender but not very practiced though she's learning- sneaking away every now and then to practice. she is being taught by a badger mole that lives in the forest in a cave.....

Beautiful Survivor Name: Mirasa
Gender: Fenale
Age: 14

Appearance: Nutmeg brown eyes, long black hair and loves dark colored clothes.

Colony: Fire
Villiage: Fire Nation Capitol
Element: Fire

Family: Ozai, Zuko, Azula
Friends: Azula
Crush: None (Does not want one.)

Other: Helps Azula escape from her chains.

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sydney Name: Zarya
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/wa... ((her hair is less blue, but more blonde))

Colony: Water
Village: Northern Water Tribe
Element: Originally Water, but will learn the other three

Family: She and her mother live alone because her dad died in a fishing expedition
Friends: she is really friendly so she has many friends
Crush: ... we'll see.

Other: She's the new avatar. :) Zarya finds out her destiny on her 16th birhtday and then has to survive all the many people who want her dead. :[

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Hey guys Ima try and jump in! :D

Name: Korina
Gender: Fm
Age: 15

Appearance: Strait mahogany-colored hair, falls to the middle of her back w/ bangs that almost go into her eyes. Her hair is normally in a ponytail. Has bright green eyes.

((Kinda like this, just put her hair up and a more mahogany colored brown. http://i665.photobucket.com/albums/vv... ))

Colony: Fire
Village: Fire Nation Capitol
Element: Fire

Family: Mai and Zuko.
Friends:** shrugs** IDK.
Crush: Open.

Other: Is looking for the avatar because She wants to help in some way; Is the Fire Nation Princess.

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Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Name: Troy
Gender: male
Age: 15 (almost sixteen)

Appearance: brown hair, and green eyes, he wears a mixture of earth and fire nation clothing.

Colony: Fire
Villiage: Fire Nation Capital (his father is helping rebuild the city--was-- and now lives there)
Element: earth (but i think i'm gonna twist it up... like his mother was earth but the spirits gifted him with air, so he could help out a bit or something.

Family: his mother, and his brother Trent (who is the boy they found)
Friends: Thalia, Mirasa
Crush: Zarya

Other: He has been living with his mother and brother, but not really caring much for her, because he has devoted his life to helping Thalia, because his brother helped her out, and the two of them banded together. but then he met Zarya... he is also reincarnated from Appa, so he is a little younger than Zarya.

Name: Trent
Gender: male
Age: 29

Appearance: Black hair, black eyes, and wears firenation clothing.

Colony: Fire
Villiage: Fire Nation Capital
Element: Earth

Family: Troy, mother
Friends: Thalia, Troy, Mirasa
Crush: Thalia

Other: He is Troy's older brother, and is in love with Thalia.

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 735 comments Mod
If its okay, im going to try and jump in...

Name: Sira
gender: felmale
age: 17

apperance: http://static.desktopnexus.com/thumbn... like this but with black hair

colony: Fire
Village: travles, assasign
Element: fire

family: her mother and father were killed by the earth kingdom
friends: her owl, Kar
crush: none, so far
other: is tracking the avater, for Azula.

Beautiful Survivor Name: Dewey
Gender: Male
Age: 13

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...

Colony: Fire
Villiage: Fire
Element: Fire

Family: Mirasa, who was his sister
Friends: None, Mirasa was his only friend
Crush: None

Other: None

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 735 comments Mod
Name: Archer
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: http://m407.photobucket.com/image/ani...

Colony: fire
Villiage: fire nation capitol
Element: fire

Family: older brother back home
Friends: Sira, her crew
Crush: Sira

Other:he's the capitin of Sira's boat and is a great artist.

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Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Name: Aeros
Gender: Male
Age: 16


Colony: Fire
Villiage: Fire nation capital
Element: Water

Family: Katara, Aang, twin sister, and Khana (zutara baby girl)
Friends: him mommy...
Crush: none (but deff tandia)

Other: He is very sad that his mother is dead and seeks revenge on the one who killed her, whereas his sister seeks to help Thalia continue to free kids from their parents grasps.

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Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
Name: Hudorai
Gender: female
Age: 16

Appearance: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-a...

Colony: Fire
Villiage: Fire nation capital
Element: Air

Family: Katara, Aang, Aeros, and Khana (zutara baby girl)
Friends: no friends?
Crush: no...

Other: Seeking out Thalia to thank her for killing her mom (whom she hated) because now she is free from her overprotective mother, and wishes to find Thalia to join her. She's kind of got Azula's personality but deffinately not crazy, and a bit different.

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sydney Name: Raelynn
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Brunette hair with hints of golden kissed highlights, stormy blue grey eyes, slightly pale, 5'7", petite

Colony: Earth Kingdom (she was born and raised here)
Village: none really, she's a drifter
Element: Earth

Family: Her father is the Earth King, her mother dead before she could have any other children
Friends: None really... :[
Crush: She's open for a relationship, but she can't be tied down to one place

Other: Born a princess to the Earth Kingdom, was never allowed to bend (she learned from her aunt who was soon caught and exiled), Raelynn ran away from home at 12 and has been wandering thru the world ever since

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Name: Shana
Gender: fm
Age: 13


Colony: Earth Kingdom
Village: Bah Sing Se
Element:energy(Energy bender- can basically control all elements.)

Family: Orphan
Friends: not any improtant ones(yet)
Crush: open.

Other: Thinks she's the avatar because she can control the elements.

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Andy | 1538 comments Mod

Winnie is this Tandia??

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Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
Name: Miyu
Gender: f
Age: 15

Appearance: anime girl Pictures, Images and Photos

Colony: water
Villiage: northern water tribe
Element: water

Family: father dead in war, mother committed suicide right after.
Friends: a rat named Aro ( White Rat Pictures, Images and Photos )

Other: her father was a firebender then he met her mother and they moved to the northern water tribe but before that, he and his um... war people? attacked an earth... war people? (the skeletons Tandia found). Miyu isn't on any side (not Thalia's or Zarya's) but she wants to kill the avatar so she'll have power over people and such... she's a pro liar. Tandia will probably blame Miyu when she finds out who her father was.

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sydney Name: Penelope Rose (goes by Rose)
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Appearance: http://www.mp3lyrics.org/a/ashley-tis...

Colony: Fire Nation
Villiage: ???
Element: Earth

Family: ...
Friends: ...
Crush: ?

Other: EVIL. Actually she's just easily influenced and meets the bad guys first.

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Hunter Law | 2 comments Name: Honantu
gender: male
age: 9
appearance: unknown, covered in black and red clothing.
colony: Fire
Village: Fire nation capital
Element: Fire

Family: Zuko and Azula are his cousins and his dad is unknown.
Friends: Toph, Sokka, Aang, and Zuko.
Crush: ????

Other: As a 6 year old, Honantu wandered off from his father and was found by Aang. He is now a bounty hunter working for Aang and the avatars to capture outlaws.

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Si



I'm from Ba sing sei- rich ring

Element:Earth-sand metal etc.


green eyes long scar across lower back and on over shirt with earth bending symbols on it

Personality:I'm basicly, Toph's twin

Mission:Tring to find the avatar and join him
Why? She's running.

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Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Name: cloak guy // Demitri
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Appearance: not much is known, other than his obsession with this black cloak and earth colony combat boots

Colony: unknown
Villiage: unknown
Element: earth

Family: unknown
Friends: unknown
Crush: unknown, but has a fascination with Zarya

Other: unknown

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Andy | 1538 comments Mod
water= 3
earth= 4
fire= 3
.................. just saying

Name: Ammos
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Appearance: [image error]

Colony: air
Villiage: Erimos (a city in the desert)
Element: earth ----- Sand only (i thinks)

Family: Tychi - twin sister
Friends: Tychi, and cloak guy
Crush: Cloak guy

Other: he's... gay

Name: Tychi (orr.... Melon)
Gender: female
Age: 14

Appearance: Anime girl Pictures, Images and Photos

Colony: air
Villiage: Erimos (a city in the desert)
Element: none

Family: Ammos - twin brother
Friends: Ammos, and cloak guy
Crush: Cloak guy

Other: can see future (or at least claims to be able to)

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Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
Name: Khana
Gender: f
Age: 14

Appearance: http://i.neoseeker.com/mgv/412208-Ani...
Colony: Fire
Villiage: Fire nation capital
Element: fire

Family: Hudorai (half sister), Aeros (half brother), Zuko & Katara (mother and father)
Friends: Korina
Crush: n/a

Other: She hid in a hole when the city was destroyed... She ran away with her half sister Korina. They're wandering the world, not really knowing what to do with their lives... She can see ghosts... and such...

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Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Name: Shikyo
Gender: Female
Age: 19

Appearance: male anime water Pictures, Images and Photos

Colony: Water
Villiage: Northern Water Tribe
Element: Water

Family: none all killed
Friends: Takai
Crush: Takai

Other: Shana was practicing her bending in the Northern water tribe, leaving traces of all four types. Thalia tricks them into joining them, making Shana not reveal that she was the one who did it, and they think it was Zarya. Their old friend.

Name: Takai
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Colony: Water
Villiage: Northern Water Tribe
Element: Water

Family: none, they were all killed
Friends: Shikyo
Crush: Shikyo

Other: same as above

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Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
Name: Todd
Gender: m
Age: 17 (dead)

Appearance: Chika Pictures, Images and Photos
Colony: Earth
Village: Ba sing Se
Elements: N/A

Family: dead
Friends: Miyu :P
Crush: ... hes a zombie... therefore "n/a"

Other: He's a zombie. Miyu blood bends him and the other zombies. He really just is there to represent the dead army in a whole. Miyu is simply desperate for a friend that shares her interest, so she created one herself :/ A little weird, but, well zombies have feelings too! even though he is dead and really isnt conciously aware that his body is being possessed by a 15 year old crazed bloodbender... I believe he DOES have feelings and would be quite sad if anything happened to Miyu :(

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