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message 1: by Locé, Earth (new)

Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
"awesome!" Tandia whispered excitedly as she bended some pebbles, making them shoot like daggers into a tree.

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa was in her red camofaluge suit. She hurriedly rushed to Azula and unchained her.

message 3: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Thalia sat alone. No one wanted her. No one cared. No body even noticed her anymore... she stood up and left the orphanage, and to no suprise, no one stopped her. She knew where her uncle lived, and she knew that the avatar sometimes visited with his wife... but Thalia knew she couldn't beat the avatar alone let alone with his wife and her uncle... but somehow, she would get him... and it would be soon....

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa saw Thaila as Azula was recovering a little. She came over and silently held out her hand.

message 5: by Locé, Earth (new)

Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
it wasnt much compared to older earth benders but she'd only been able to get away from her foster parents recently to practice her earth bending... they didnt care for abnormalty.

message 6: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Thalia smiled at her "aunt". She was the only person who had ever visited her, the only one who had ever even tried to be nice.
Thalia saw someone behind her. She didn't recognize her, but she knew who she was... instantly.
"You look so much like your father.... i HATE YOUR FATHER!" Azula's mouth let slip an alarmingly loud laugh.
Thalia glanced quickly to Mirasa.

Beautiful Survivor ((Mirasa is her cousin.))
"Azula..." warned Mirasa softly, "She's never seen you..."

message 8: by sydney (new)

sydney ((That's gonna suck. haha))

Neredia sat down with her mother in her house. She looked up at the picture of her husband, the man who wouldn't be around to see his new child.

message 9: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
((yeah second cousin, but that's why its an "aunt" she just considers her that way))

steam began to erupt from her mother's ears... Thalia held in her laughter. But everything went silent then... no stray earthbenders rebuilding houses for the nation, not kids screaming, no one singing, or fighting... just one sound... one word... one sylable...
Both Azula and Thalia turned to see who had spoken... of course! The Avatar opened his glider and flew away from the upper window of Fire Lord Zuko's palace.
Azula's eyes widened, and she didn't move for a second. Thalia took this chance, and began running.

message 10: by Locé, Earth (new)

Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
Tandia looked over at the her teacher to see how she'd done.

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa nodded to Aang, "Bye Avatar." She shot beautiful green flames which surrounded Aang.

message 12: by sydney (new)

sydney Neredia gasped out in pain. Her mother instantly took this reaction as a warning and knew what to do. "Neredia. I need you to breath and move over here." Her mother said calmly. Neredia got up painfully and moved so she was lying on her back.

message 13: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Aang noticed the flames before they closed in, and he blew them away, landing back with his Zuko.
Zuko saw Azula and Mirasa, but Thalia was out of view already.
Zuko jumped down and ran at his sister while Thalia ran towards the gates.

Aang stood helplessly on the side lines, he knew Zuko would probably get too distracted if he joined.... also, Zuko did his best to keep him safe...

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa suddenly surrounded herself with green flames and formed into a giant green fire cat. She snarled and pounced on Zuko.

message 15: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
As Zuko was distracted Azula shot through the air toward the topmost tower out of the Avatars view.
Alarms in the nearby asylum began firing everywhere.

Aang jumped in suprise when the princess appeared in front of him in mid air. He shot her air, and stepped back as a few of the fire lords soldiers arrived to help.

message 16: by sydney (new)

sydney Neredia screamed in pain.

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa's demon green fire cat ate a few soilders.

message 18: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Thalia wasn't really thinking about what was happening, she wasn't ready for this, but her mind wasn't telling her that now, and it was happening so fast, she hadn't the foggiest idea of what was happening down below, just that her mother wanted to kill the avatar as well... and Thalia only knew one move (instead of practicing the simple moves at school she practiced a supernova move)

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa's demon cat kept eating innocent soilders.

message 20: by sydney (new)

sydney Thalia ran into the chamber, and saw both her mother and the avatar, soldiers lay around them dead, and Thalia laughed quietly, and shot the avatar with everything she had.

Neredia screamed as the baby arrived.

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa laid weak on the ground, bloody.

message 22: by sydney (new)

sydney Neredia looked up at her baby. A girl. "Zarya." Neredia laid back down from lack of energy.

message 23: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
((i'll go into detail if you want about killing the rest... but i couldn't do it with Aang... it just couldn't happen...))

the hallow scream filled the air, and the fighting below stopped as Zuko turned to see the fire engulf his friend... blue flames
"no." he said slowly. "NO!" He ran away from the fight with his cousin, and ran to the palace. He wasn't sure if Mirasa was following or not.

Thalia was horrified... how? no... it's not possible! "I... i killed him."
"Yes, i'm quite aware." Said her mother. "i'm proud of you... but it wasn't your duty..." Azula sounded so nice and motherly, then her hand clenched on the back of Thalia's neck. then the pain was gone.
Azula was sent flying away as Zuko entered the room.
"Thalia! Hide!" Zuko hissed. Thalia did as she was told.
Zuko and Azula faught a quick battle in which Azula escaped from.
Zuko wasn't ready to let her get away with it, but he needed to attend to Thalia.
"Are you ok...? Did you see... it happen?" Zuko asked.
Thalia nodded... "More than that... It was me."

Down below Azula heard a scream, then saw her little Zuzu fly out of the palace, and almost hit the ground. He saved himself just in time, and shot off toward the south.

message 24: by Locé, Earth (new)

Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
The badger mole nodded in approval and Tandia smiled.

message 25: by Andy, Air (last edited Sep 06, 2010 07:02AM) (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Thalia raced down the stairs. Zuko got away with only a burn on his right arm, but Azula... her mother... would not be so lucky...
Azula was not anywhere to be found, but Mirasa lay on the ground in a puddle of blood patches of her green flame lay around her... thalia could not leave her, but she had to leave now, Thalia grabbed her "aunt" and slung her over her shoulders, then hid in an alleyway. She almost missed the alleyway... it was a perfect hiding spot, and even better... it was already hallowed out by some sort of cave.
"Where are they?!" shouted some men.
many people ran past, but one stopped. He looked like he might be thirteen years old. He smiled at them and then yelled out, "They went that way!"
He winked at them and ran the way he had pointed.

((time can pass if ya want.))

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa suddenly saw Zuko smirking at her.

message 27: by Locé, Earth (new)

Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
sixteen years later, Tandia was standing in the same place with the same badger mole. she was earthbending- she forced a ten foot tall spike of rock out of the ground and jump on it. her teacher stomped its foot and forced thousands of tiny icicle-like shards of rock at her. she jumped from the spike, forcing eight more above ground. the badger mole threw everything at her and she dodged and blocked them almost effortlessly. panting as she landed safe on the forest floor, she glanced at her teaher for instruction. it nodded as if to say 'you are ready.'. "I'll miss you..." she told it, bowing in respect. leaving her village behind her, she set off to the fire nations where she'd hopefully make something of her life.

message 28: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Zuko and katara were now living in his palace In a completely unrelationship kind of way. Zuko went straight for her and her brother when he was ambushed by Thalia.
The boy who had helped them 16 years previous proved himself to be a helpful earthbender who hid their hiding place from view. 16 years were up and soon the knew avatar would learn of it's destiny and thalias action plan was planned to the very last second...

message 29: by Locé, Earth (new)

Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
walking barefoot across the dirt road near the capital, Tandia wondered if she'd be welcome here. she'd heard stories that years ago the fire nation had tried to take over the world or something along those lines. it was different now, but she wondered if she'd still be safe...

message 30: by sydney (new)

sydney Zarya got up out of bed and put on a few extra layers. She had mixed feelings about today. It was her birthday, which obviously was a good thing. But it was also the anniversary of the death of the avatar.

message 31: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Thalia was now in her prime of life, and starting today was going to head towards Ba Sing Se... there was someone there who needed to meet her... and her fire.

message 32: by Locé, Earth (new)

Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
Tandia lifted her hood just in case and pushed herself through the crowded streets of the fire nation capital.

message 33: by Beautiful Survivor (last edited Sep 05, 2010 09:59AM) (new)

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa was by azula's side, still as powerful as ever. In her arms was a black cat with electric blue eyes.

message 34: by sydney (new)

sydney Zarya ran outside, if she didn't hurry she'd be late to lessons. She picked up on waterbending quickly, her mother told her. Zarya made it to class just in time. They were paired off and began working on their bending skills.

message 35: by Andy, Air (last edited Sep 06, 2010 07:02AM) (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Thalia's thoughts were running wild. the avatar is a waterbender.... just turning sixteen today, so she has not left her tribe, in which case I have much time to defeat the best earthbender... not that this will be easy, I've heard the legendary Toph lives with her husband underground somewhere just outside of Ba sing se... but how will i defeat her... she is far too powerful... i only got the avatar by suprise... suprise... that's it... suprise will be my key element... besides fire of course... I'll get her.... I'll get her...
"Mirasa, find Trent, and the boy we need to head off to Ba Sing se... and wait to see if the avatar arives."

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa nodded, handed her the kitten and hopped towards Ba Sing Se.

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa soon snooped out Trent.

message 38: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
Trent was watching his brother practice his earth bending, he wasn't very good yet, but he had only started training two years ago, with no time to do so anyway, seeing as how Thalia sent him for simple errands all the time. But in all he was doing quite good.
"Trent!" Troy called, "what time is it?"
"Um... about seven--why?"
"Thalia!" troy ran past him and down the streets of the capital.

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa thumped him on the head as he was running past.

message 40: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
"Hey Mirasa!" Troy called as he flew around the corner, and came face to face with Thalia. "Sorry I'm late! i just lost track of time, and i--"
"It is ok... for today, for i understand the stress we are all under."
"Uh.. yeah..." Troy said, "Stress...?"
"Today is the day the avatar finds out about her destiny... that is, if they haven't already informed him."
"Well yes, it went girl- Yangchen, boy-Kuruk, girl-Kioshi, boy-rokku, then Aang, who was pretty girly, so i speculate that this avatar will be a boy."
"i see..."
"Well, i digress to the more important facts." I need you, Mirasa and Trent to decide who travels with me... of course, it must be one of the others, because you are weak, but i need you and possibly another to keep an eye on the avatar for me."
"uh... I have to follow the avatar!? I could die!"
"true, but my task is not to head straight for the avatar... i need to... lets say... put a stop the avatar."
"Oh....kay?" Troy said awkwardly, "I'll get the others." He ran out of the hiding place, and ran straight into a girl.
"OW!" he yelled.

((there you go... Winnie))

message 41: by Locé, Earth (new)

Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
((why thank you Andy!))
Tandia looked looked stunned, "whoops, sorry kid! i wasnt paying attention."

message 42: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
"Who are you calling kid? I bet i'm older than you!" Troy yelled back, "...Sorry... I'm really stressed now.... my boss just told me i have to go find the knew avatar and keep her from finding an earthbending teacher, and it's really stressful, because i can't fight her, not being able to bend well myself!... I shouldn't have told you that.... i guess its ok if one person knows... anyway, gotta go!"
Troy ran away from the girl and found Trent and Mirasa. "C'mon, we need to decide who will come with me, and who will go with Thalia.
"Isn't Thalia fighting Toph Be Fong? I think whatever it is you have to do, isn't as hard or important... I think the three of us could take on Toph... you head for whatever your task is."
Trent walked away with Mirasa.
"Thanks guys..."

Beautiful Survivor Mirasa was silent as she always was.

message 44: by Locé, Earth (last edited Sep 06, 2010 11:22AM) (new)

Locé Styx | 752 comments Mod
((i got stabbed by a door yesterday...))
Tandia stood there confused a little... 'ummm' she thought... 'that was weird...' the new Avatar was in danger? that wasnt good... an earthbending teacher? hmmmmmmmm.... coolio!
Tandia shrugged and shifted her feet so the ground would act as her compass. she followed her instincts until they led her to some random girl about 16... this was the avatar?
((someone hurry up and tell her!! please...))

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 735 comments Mod
Sira tied her hair up, and climbed into her boat, in a few hours she'd be where the avatar was, in her village, and she'd make her move.

message 46: by sydney (new)

sydney ((MEEEE!!! :D ))

Zarya's teacher motioned for her to come to his side. She bowed to him and then waited for his message.
((would someone be him... I don't really know how to give the message...))

message 47: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod

"Zarya..." He said slowly, "Do you remember our very first lesson? The one with the toys... you were quite young, i understand if you do not remember." He took a deep breathe. "Do you remember the toys... the ones you picked out? Well they were picked by other children as well." She knew... she knew now... her face... she must have already known, not to mention it is now the aniversary of the avatar's death... "And... those other children... were the past avatars... You Zarya... are destined... you are destined to master the four elements in the cycle the avatar takes. Water, Earth, Fire, then last... Air. You are the avatar. Avatar Zarya."

((not the best but it'll work right?))

(S) Asami Seo Hyun 桜연꽃 꽃 | 735 comments Mod
Siras boat landed a far from the northern water tribe, she landed on ice. She scowled. Ice. She was a fire bender in the worst possible place. she blew warm air onto her hands and set off toward the tribe, in water tribe clothes.

message 49: by sydney (new)

sydney Zarya had a complete look of shock on her face. "You can't be serious. I-I'm not the avatar."

message 50: by Andy, Air (new)

Andy | 1538 comments Mod
"but... but its true, there is no mistaking it miss... miss Zarya... I know how you might be feeling fight now, but you musn't react to drasctically." Her teacher told her.

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