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Shomeret | 1368 comments 9)Marcelo In The Real Worldby Francisco X. Stork (YA contemporary fiction) 312 pages. Source: Library Started: 8/16 Finished: 8/18

Why Read: I found this in a GR search for another book. It's about an autistic boy who hears music in his head.

Comments: Wow! Marcelo goes to work at his father's law firm for the summer and makes some discoveries about "the real world" that change his life. This book would be a good story even if Marcelo weren't autistic, but with Marcelo's unique perceptions this book becomes special. Rating A

10)Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug (web usability) 197 pages. Source: Library Started: 8/18 Finished: 8/19

Why Read: I'm taking web usability this semester and Amazon recommended this book. So I read the reviews and thought the author might have a good perspective to teach me.

Comments: He really does have a good perspective. Don't do anything that isn't necessary. Don't put anything super-techie on a website that slows down loading just because it's cool. It needs to add value for the user. I'm going to give this book an A because I like Krug's ideas.

11) Full Moon Cityed. Darrell Schweitzer and Martin H. Greenberg (werewolf anthology) 293 pages. Source: Independent Bookstore Started: 8/20 Finished: 8/24

Why Read: I'm reading this for the urban fantasy group challenge. There's an anthology category. This one looked interesting. I liked the list of contributors.

Comments: The story I liked best in this anthology was "The Aarne-Thompson Classification Revue" by Holly Black. It's about a female werewolf who auditions for a musical revue. I liked the theatrical setting combined with the MC's situation as a werewolf. It's a really wonderful story. Another story I liked for the lyrical writing style was "Country Mothers' Sons" by Holly Phillips. It's about a woman in an Eastern European country that has been at war waiting worriedly for her missing werewolf son to come home. I found it poignant. I think that all the stories in this anthology are well-written, but there were some I didn't prefer because of their content. I would rate the anthology B.

12)The Breadwinnerby Deborah Ellis (YA contemporary fiction)170 pages. Source: Library Started: 8/21 Finished: 8/21

Why Read: I saw this on GR. One of my friends read it. It's about an Afghani girl under the Taliban who dresses as a boy to support her family. I saw a movie about a girl who dressed as a boy in Afghanistan. It must be relatively common.

Comments: This is why Greg Mortenson's work in Afghanistan is so necessary. Women in Afghanistan need to be educated, so they can support their families. They may very well be the only ones who can be the breadwinners for their families. The Taliban doesn't want women to work, but what are they supposed to do? Let the entire family die? This is a grimly realistic book, but we need to know about the lives of girls and women in Afghanistan. Rating B+

To Be Continued...

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Ann (annrumsey) | 14293 comments Shomeret:
Marcelo in the Real World sounds like a very special book. Thanks for reading it so we could hear about it! ;)
I am always amazed at how you read so many books, and each usually in just one day.

Shomeret wrote: "9)Marcelo In The Real Worldby Francisco X. Stork (YA contemporary fiction) ..."

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