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message 1: by Josh (new)

Josh Baragar | 3 comments The book Deadline was pretty good overall. It was a very emotional and interesting book, interesting because it showed how much you can accomplish if you’re not worrying about what other people think. I liked how the main character, Ben, was not afraid to play football or speak out in class since he was dying. The whole part of the plot where he said what he thought was just the best, and those were definitely my favorite parts of the book. One of the messages that seemed to be very clear was that you should not be afraid to take risks. I do not think I realized this message until the very end, but I think it is true that you should take risks. It took Ben a death sentence to take those risks, and he had a better life because he took those risks. I thought the author, Chris Crutcher, captured what I thought a high school student would be like. The characters were well developed, and the book had a variety of different types of characters. The ending was pretty predictable. I will not ruin the ending, but I think the reader can predict what is going to happen from the beginning. I did, however, like the epilogue because of the whole speech that put everything together. I would recommend this book to any teenagers who may not be the biggest readers and who just want an enjoyable read because this book does not have any hard concepts. I do not have any questions about this book.

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary (mary-elizabeth) | 2 comments I loved this book!!! Even though i knew what was going to happen in the end i was still sad.

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