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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael There is some debate in the Librarians' Group as to whether certain works should be classed as a series for purposes of categorisation within Goodreads.

So, you would list Rendevous with Rama as Rendevous with Rama, Rama #1 because it is first in the series of Rama books written by Clarke, but there is debate as to whether you would list it as Rendevous with Rama, SF Masterworks #65.

If you want to consider the issues and/or contribute to the discussion, here's a link to the thread: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/3...

message 2: by Simon (new)

Simon (friedegg) | 39 comments I would say that "Rendevous with Rama" is always Rama #1 but only one particular edition is SF Masterworks #65. Thus Rama #1 should take precedence.

message 3: by Sean (new)

Sean Byrne (stegofreak) | 24 comments Why should it be limited to one class would be my opinion.

message 4: by Simon (new)

Simon (friedegg) | 39 comments The problem is that GoodReads doesn't have a facility for indicating books are in a series. The convention is to include the series name and number in the name of the book. If you're going to start including multiple series in the name, it's going to start getting quite convuluted.

The ideal, I guess, would be seperate fields for indicating which series a book is part of.

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Since I started this thread there haev been developements!

There is now a dedicated series field for each book. Multple series can be added and then ordered as required. The ordering convention is tha the most specific series is listed first and will show against the book title, like this:


1st series is Ringworld
2nd series is Known Space
3rd series is SF Masterworks (yay!)

Click on any of the series links and you get a list of all the books.

Job sorted!

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