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So, which Disney movie is you favourite?

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I think the title of the subject says it all.
I really liked Princess and the Frog ad when I was a kid I loved Robin Hood and Sleeping Beauty.

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I love Princess and the Frog! I love Mulan and Lion King the best, I think. Hunchback is good too.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Mulan. *sigh* I remember watching it over and over when I was younger... A friend of mine LOVED the Atlantis.

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I love singing all the songs from Mulan.

message 5: by Miranda (new)

Miranda | 1 comments Sleeping Buety annoyed me.I llove Princess and the Frog and Aladdin though!!!

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*shrugs* hey, I was a kid then

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...What? That made no sense.

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about sleeping Beauty. I liked it as a kid and it kinda stuck from then on...

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Oh. It made no sense because I didn't know who you were replying to.

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ah, I see. Sorry. >_<

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No, it's okay.

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