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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily (readingmaniac777) | 737 comments Mod
I know that everyone has been looking forward to this book, I know I have! I was so excited when Barnes and Noble called me to say the book i reserved was in.

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily (readingmaniac777) | 737 comments Mod
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this book, it came with a tattoo of the mockingjay and i put it on the back of my hand for the first day of school!
it was definitley one of those hard to put down books, but of course not as good as the original

message 3: by Charmaine (new)

Charmaine (empress_charla) Good idea choosing this book for this month, since I'm reading it and some of you have read it already. :-)

message 4: by KCM73 (new)

KCM73 | 357 comments Mod
Book was so awesome, not as great as the first one (which is clearly the best of the three) but very good. It was very dark and started a little rough but got great towards the end.

Holly's Little Book Reviews (hollyslittlebookreviews) | 141 comments I'm excited to hear what everyone thought about this book!! :)

message 6: by Charmaine (new)

Charmaine (empress_charla) I agree with what Karalee said. :-) But Catching Fire is my favorite out of the two - the arena in that book was more interesting. The 3rd book was really good, though! I'm satisfied with the ending.

Who is satisfied with the guy that Katniss ended up with? :-)

message 7: by KCM73 (new)

KCM73 | 357 comments Mod
I was very satisfied. I thought who Katniss ended up with made sense given the development of the relationships during the course of trilogy.

Holly's Little Book Reviews (hollyslittlebookreviews) | 141 comments Am I allowed to post spoilers yet? lol.

I agree with what Karalee said about who Katniss ends up with... and I'll discuss more once I know I'm not adding spoilers before it's allowed!

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