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message 1: by twinfish2 (new)

twinfish2 | 84 comments I don't think I have ever come across an author who so quickly crashed and burned, by this I mean she started out great with JACOB, then down hill after that. I read her first 5 to get to the end of the story line started in Jacob. But she never finished it. I thought her new book in Oct. called DRINK OF ME was going to be about Jasmine and finally after 4 years finish this story line. But they finally put up the synopsis and nope its about another new series. Finish this already.

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather | 243 comments OMG, someone else who agrees! I read Jacob too and tried to read the next and just gave up! At least I think Jacob was her first, right? It has been a while and the worse thing is that I bought several of her books and don't know what to do with them!

message 3: by Gemma (new)

Gemma (bookmoodreviews) | 511 comments I don't think I've heard of this author

message 4: by twinfish2 (new)

twinfish2 | 84 comments Jacob is a great book. I still reread it often. GIDEON the second book was pretty good, ELIJAH the 3rd book was bad, then DAMIEN was ok, then NOAH was bad. She had introduced a evil demon named Ruth in the first book, I thought Noah would close this story line but it didn't. She then went on to write 3 books about another species called the shadowdwellers which I tried to read the first one and thought it was boring and never finished it. Then she wrote 2 books about a species called the gatherers, I was under the impression it was supposed to be a trilogy but the 3rd book didn't come out. Then DRINK OF ME, the buzz was it was supposed to be about someone named Jasmine from her first 5 books but the synopsis just came out and nope it's about a whole different species and her next book is called SEDUCE ME IN DREAMS(a three worlds novel) so I think it is about something else. I understand an author has a vision for a story line but, what is the point if by the end of the story no one is reading your books. When Jacob came out is was talked about on goodreads and amazon alot now I don't hear anything about her books or her. So she must have lost alot of readers. I guess I am just getting tired of these neverending story lines. Expecting us to still be reading these 10,15, or more years later is just crazy.

message 5: by Heather in FL (new)

Heather in FL (heather_fl) I read something on another group that indicates that she may be having some health issues. Apparently she recently posted on Facebook that she's finishing up Nightwalkers #6, but things are happening between surgeries or something. So maybe we'll have some closure soon with Nightwalkers #6? I really enjoyed the Nightwalkers books. I have but haven't read the Shadowdwellers yet, but I liked all the Nightwalkers. (Disclosure: I'm easily entertained.) I thought she had some really interesting ideas about demons.

I can't say I'm looking forward to Drink of Me, but I'll probably get it just because I enjoyed Nightwalkers.

message 6: by Melinda (new)

Melinda (craftymommy) | 97 comments I couldn't agree more. The quality seemed to go down by leaps and bounds with each subsequent book. It's too bad because I really liked Jacob and was hoping for a good series.

Camille-Dhark Nytmhare | 42 comments Wow! I am not understanding what it is people don't like about her books. I have read them all except the last 2 releases because of the extremely poor reviews. I will buy them used. I found her stories to be fairly exciting with a decent story line and the sex scenes are off the chain. (Don't take much to rev me up) I love the darkness of the series and the world the JF has created. Like you Heather I am easily entertained, but do not like weak or air-head female characterizations. None of these seem to be present in her books.

message 8: by Desperado (last edited Sep 04, 2010 09:58PM) (new)

Desperado (lethallovely) | 453 comments Camille, I don't think the problem is that these people dislike her books so much as it seems like Frank doesn't know how to finish what she starts. She's written three series so far & none of them have an ending yet.

I've only read Jacob & Hunting Julian by her, & while Jacob was pretty good, HJ was almost DNF for me, it suckethed so much ass. I understand that Frank is having health problems but I'd rather she quit writing until she's better than to sell bs & hope her groupies come running.

message 9: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. | 565 comments I liked the Shadowdweller series a lot more than the Gatherers series, although I've only read one of the Gatherers books and didn't like it at all. I have read two of the Nightwalkers and thought they were pretty good.

message 10: by twinfish2 (last edited Sep 07, 2010 10:17AM) (new)

twinfish2 | 84 comments She just got to wordy for me. It started in ELIJAH. In the first 70 some pages there were only 2 sentences of dialog. I am not kidding you, she described the forest, a cave, his feelings about past episodes in his life, present episodes, and about how much he loved rainbows. Just kidding about the last one. But in a book of 360 pages to take up the first 70 with this was just a drag. She introduced a story about a cross species library that I found very enjoyable in this book and went nowhere with it. I thought it would be in the next books but it barely got a mention. I don't understand something that took up a good portion in a book being meaningless in others? And like lethallovely said she just doesn't know how to finish anything. I do know this, I will not read another of her books until she finishes the nightwalker series. I do not want to be left hanging again by her. The neverending series is getting to be a problem in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre. I don't believe that authors are thinking like readers anymore. By this I mean they are not thinking, as a reader, would I like to be left hanging for 10, 15, 20 years for a conclusion to a series? I know that I have just been reading this genre heavily for about 4 years, I am no longer reading the same types of books that I read 10 or more years ago. People change. I don't think authors and publishing houses are taking this into consideration. Some series are so big that I think some readers are actually staying away from them because of the time and money commitment to read such large series. I have already given up on Kenyon, on my last Feehan dark series, and only giving Leigh one more chance. And I am not leaving them with a satisfied feeling, but with a disgusted and let down one for these authors, which will influence whether I will try a book from a new series by these authors. Most likely no. These authors need to think (would I like to be left hanging for 10 or more years for a conclusion, or would I just move on to someone else?) I think they get caught up in their vision and forget what makes a wonderful series. Ok rant over. for now.

message 11: by Heather in FL (last edited Sep 05, 2010 11:31AM) (new)

Heather in FL (heather_fl) I agree, Camille... I don't think her heroines are idiots... they all seem to be pretty strong. And LethalLovely -- I heard Hunting Julian was pretty bad so I stayed away from it. If you liked Jacob, it's likely you'll like the rest of the Nightwalkers. I was recommended the Shadowdwellers, too, but haven't gotten there yet.

While Damien was I think my favorite character of the series, I liked his book least, probably due to what twinfish2 mentioned... she does get kinda wordy at times, and I do find myself skipping parts. But in general, I really liked the series, and would look forward to the next installment.

I have to agree with twinfish2 about the length of series. Some of these series are so freaking long and maybe they should end. I'm afraid to get into Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters... did I read that there are 20 of them or something? At the same time, I'm bummed that Demonica is ending with the fifth book that just came out (that I'm just about to start). A saving grace is that apparently there's another spin-off series starting. Spin-offs at least mean the series isn't entirely dead, but you're getting "new meat" so to speak.

Camille-Dhark Nytmhare | 42 comments Thanx for your insight Twinfish and LethalLove. I can definitely understand your frustration, especially after reading PNR for so long. I have only been reading PNR about a year. And am fortunate enough to be able to find my books used. So if I don't like it, all I lose is time spent reading. Kenyon and Feehan have a couple of new books out. IN HARDCOVER! I will not buy these because they would lose me as a reader if I spend that much money for a crappy book. It is a shame that publishers are going for sh#t over substance in some series and that authors get caught up in their own popularity. I love love love Lora Leigh's writing. She has 19-20 new books planned. But if her series begins to feel as sloppy and inconsistant as her last book, Lion's Heat, she will be moved to my sh#t pile.

message 13: by Shannon (new)

Shannon C. | 69 comments I found her hit and miss. I liked Jacob, Elijah and Damien.

Noah, Gideon & the Shadowdwellers books were just ok for me.

The reviews were so bad on the latest series I haven't tried it.

message 14: by Maureen (new)

Maureen (hellowkitty) | 2 comments Trying to read Seduce Me In Dreams. On page 183 and thinking of giving up !!! It's boring and just hard read. It's slow moving not exciting and the characters are not interesting they are barely fleshed out. The world she is developing in this new series is not original at all and I don't think I will ever buy one of her books brand new again. Oh so dissatisfied I was waiting for this book and now want to toss it out !!

message 15: by Kayte (new)

Kayte (kaytep) | 2 comments LethalLovely~My Pinky Toe Knocked Up UR Pinky Toe wrote: "Camille, I don't think the problem is that these people dislike her books so much as it seems like Frank doesn't know how to finish what she starts. She's written three series so far & none of them..."

That is exactly my issue with Ms. Frank! I did my review for Hunting Julian, and just couldn't get over the fact that there seems to be too many series going on at the same time, instead of taking specific care of one series and fostering it to perfection, she wandered off and created more and more random things.

message 16: by Beth (last edited Mar 27, 2011 09:00AM) (new)

Beth (vanburren) | 22 comments I think you all touch on some very good points. Starting off, I really enjoyed the Shadowdwellers series, and have been keeping an eye out for some of her other books at a local paperback store. It's a shame that most of you have given bad reviews for some of the other books; I'll probably only pick up one at a time then instead of the whole series.

I agree that a lot of these series just keep dragging on and on to where the author starts straying from the whole point. I like it when a series is maybe 4 or 5 books only. Any more than that, and they start droning on about nothing. Good examples for me are the House of Night series, Vampire Diaries, the Sweep series and even Sookie is getting a little off-beat. . .the only exception that I have found so far are the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian, and BDB are looking good, although I'm only a few books in.

Jacquelyn Frank seems to be able to write well enough for me to wrap my head around the realities she creates, so I think she's a good author (not to mention the hot sex scenes!)...I'm still going to give another of her series a try.

message 17: by twinfish2 (last edited Apr 03, 2011 09:33AM) (new)

twinfish2 | 84 comments Update: Just saw on Amazon where ADAM: THE NIGHTWALKERS, is listed as coming out November, 1, 2011. Finally she is continuing this series. About freaking time.

message 18: by Heather in FL (new)

Heather in FL (heather_fl) I thought Jasmine was coming out first? But now that I've checked both Fictfact and even here on GR, it looks like maybe someone posted something here that wasn't correct? I know I put Jasmine in my TBR, but now I have two Adam's marked #6 and #7. Weird. Even weirder, they have ratings?? Lol! Oh well... I don't care what she calls it, I'm just glad she's continuing the series.

message 19: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 38 comments I am glad she is continuing the series, though I do think it needs to be wrapped up. I have a short attention span for series books lol which is funny since I am currently working on a series myself - though I know exactly how many books there will be and 5 isn't horribly long.

message 20: by Lupdilup (new)

Lupdilup | 4 comments twinfish2 wrote: "Update: Just saw on Amazon where ADAM: THE NIGHTWALKERS, is listed as coming out November, 1, 2011. Finally she is continuing this series. About freaking time."
I couldn't agree more!

message 21: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (apizzol1) I've only read Drink of Me and Seduce me in Dreams, I liked Drink of Me and Seduce me in dreams was ok. I have to go back and read the other series, they are on my TBR.

message 22: by R.L. (last edited Apr 07, 2011 02:54AM) (new)

R.L. Mathewson (rlmathewson) | 8 comments I actually really enjoy her books, but I will admit that in each book there are large sections that I find boring and a bit pointless to the story. That being said the rest of the content in her books more than makes up for it, which is the reason whenever I see she has a new book I buy it. Overall her work is rather enjoyable.

message 23: by Taina (new)

Taina (saytaina) | 2 comments twinfish2 wrote: "She just got to wordy for me. It started in ELIJAH. In the first 70 some pages there were only 2 sentences of dialog. I am not kidding you, she described the forest, a cave, his feelings about past..."

OMG, I couldn't agree more! I am so tired of these neverending stories! I tried to read Kenyon's books and at first everything was ok. But then she branched out and has everyone and their momma as a hunter! I thought Ash would close out the series, which would have made sense, seeing as he is the Top Dog. But noooo...Suffice it to say that I stopped reading her books after Ash because to me that was the end.

My biggest fear is that Ward will do the same. Her books were so good in the beginning. They were able to stand alone or be read as a series. Now, you can't get anywhere unless you've read the last 4 books!

I hope authors realize that just because a series is a cash cow, it doesn't mean you should continue with it just to continue. The series ends up losing its value when that happens!

message 24: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 493 comments I've only read part of Drink From Me, and put it up. It seemed to drag too much. Going by these reviews I don't think I'll try her other books

message 25: by Heather in FL (new)

Heather in FL (heather_fl) I really enjoyed Nightwalkers! I just want her to finish it. I actually heard Drink of Me was good. I have it, just haven't read it yet. Keep getting distracted by shiny-new. :-)

message 26: by Deon (new)

Deon | 8 comments Shannon wrote: "I found her hit and miss. I liked Jacob, Elijah and Damien.

Noah, Gideon & the Shadowdwellers books were just ok for me.

The reviews were so bad on the latest series I haven't tried it."

I agree with this. Except that I haven't read the Shadowdwellers yet and I will get to it.

Jacob was a good read for me... except that when I got to Gideon, I was ready to gorge my eyes out...omg the Man was beyond boring.

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