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my favorite beatles song

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message 1: by Latcia (last edited Sep 03, 2010 06:29PM) (new)

Latcia Taylor | 1 comments hey im tish im new to this group but i love the beatles i love who they are the music they sing and what they stand for my favorite beatle song is let it be

message 2: by Marco (new)

Marco (marcoreads) | 15 comments the beatles were a definite paradigm shift in music and pop culture overall , like elvis, madonna, michael jackson and nirvana.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

My fav is Yesterday.

message 4: by ♪Chloe (new)

♪Chloe  the Beatles Fanatic♫ (chloe_loves_thebeatles_and_books) | 15 comments My absolute favorite song is Let it Be.

message 5: by Marco (new)

Marco (marcoreads) | 15 comments the long and winding road

message 6: by Sara (last edited Dec 19, 2010 08:13AM) (new)

Sara both!!yesterday-let it be

message 7: by MarySue (new)

MarySue | 12 comments I have no favorite-I love them all!

message 8: by Daria (new)

Daria (dariadeptula) MarySue wrote: "I have no favorite-I love them all!"

Me too!

message 9: by Krissy (new)

Krissy (beatles33) | 2 comments Either 'I Call Your Name' or 'Here Comes The Sun'. It's sad that most people don't know 'I Call Your Name' because it's a really good song!

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