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New age fiction?

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message 1: by PJ (new)

PJ Swanwick (pjswanwick) | 4 comments There's a lot of great nonfiction available about metaphysical/new age/new thought/mindfulness topics, but what about fiction? What are you all reading?

I really liked "The Art of Racing in the Rain," but its reincarnation/mindfulness subtheme is fairly muted. "The Celestine Prophecy" is a start, I suppose, except that it's not very well written.

What fiction are you reading that fills your soul?

message 2: by Betsy (new)

Betsy | 1 comments Hi Pam,

I remember when TCP first came out and it was a huge hit. The author appeared on Oprah and the rest is history in the publishing world.
I myself, enjoy anything with the supernatural, and like Sylvia and JVP was raised Catholic, noticed in my younger years I had natural mediumistic abilities and began to attend a Spiritualist Church for guidance.

The result is that my first book is being released but not until the summer of 2011.

It has been quite the journey but I have enjoyed it.

Be blessed, stay blessed.


message 3: by PJ (new)

PJ Swanwick (pjswanwick) | 4 comments Congrats on the book! Be sure to let us know when it's available--I'd love to read it.

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