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St. Martin's Press- win premium edition of No Mercy " Sweepstakes

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Tara | 142 comments St. Martin's Press is having a Contest.

The "Win a copy of the premium edition of No Mercy " Sweepstakes

This Set Includes:

First Edition, First Printing Copy of No Mercy
Sherrilyn Kenyon's Signature Inside Book
Leather Collector's Gift Box
Individually Numbered out of 2,000
Certificate of Authenticity

For more information or to enter click here.

Fangirl Musings (fangirlmusings) That is awesomely awesome!

I've already got my preorder in for the boxed edition, though...I just PRAY that it will arrive in the mail on Tuesday or real soon after - am going to see Sherri again this year, this time in Indianapolis next Saturday. I'm hoping to get my signed edition of No Mercy personalized. *Insert dork-grin!*

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