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message 1: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) To all of you Eragon and Eldest fans out there, what did you think of Brisinger?

message 2: by Shelli (new)

Shelli I haven't read it it as good as the first two?

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael | 5 comments i dont think it is as good as the first two, long winded, needed more to be a stand alone book int the series. i like the series but it is time to finaly meet galbatorix.

message 4: by Shelli (new)

Shelli I really enjoyed Eragon....while I thought Eldest was good...a bit wordy.

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael | 5 comments i think with Eragon either you are hooked or not.

message 6: by Emi (new)

Emi I liked Eragon, but I didn't really get into it after the first few chapters. Once I got past those, it was a great read. I thought Eldest was pretty good too, but not as good as the first. A bit angsty and long winded for my tastes, though I really enjoyed the detail put into the scene where Eragon is making his sword. Brisinger was also a bit long winded, but it was worth it for the ending. I sort of saw that plot twist coming from a mile away, but it was still good none the less. The sky battle scene was epic!

message 7: by Becca (new)

Becca | 1608 comments I think for this author's first book/series/attempt at writing he is doing a fabulous job. I really loved all three books and I hope the fourth brings it all together brilliantly or it will have been a really long wait to be utterly disappointed.

message 8: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) I liked it, but now it's taking FOREVER to come out and I beginning to hate it. I HATE the movie, they totally ruined the book for me.

message 9: by Emi (new)

Emi Yeah, the movie was just awful. I couldn't even watch the entire thing.

message 10: by Michael (new)

Michael | 5 comments the movie isnt even the same story in my opinion, weak weak weak. could have mad a great epic with all the source material

message 11: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) But they did great on Saphira. She's the best thing in that movie, but they messed up with her too!

message 12: by Becca (new)

Becca | 1608 comments They're going to have to re-do the first movie if they want to continue the story on film, otherwise the storyline is totally screwed for a screenplay.

message 13: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) yep, for sure.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) (ter05) | 374 comments I loved Eragon and Eldest but the third one really went into far too much detail. I feel a little differently about the movie. I agree it was a huge disappointment but have watched it several times because I love how it brought Eragon and Saphira alive. They were cast right for me. The scenery is great and it is sad that they did some things so well and screwed up the rest - especially the story. Why can't movie makers learn that when they do a movie from a book STICK TO THE STORY.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) I actually loved the third one, I'm not one to complain about long books, since the longer they are the longer they last. It would never have fit properly if it had been a trilogy like he had originaly planned, the third book helped clear things up, get problems out of the way, and it was enjoyable.
I was confused when evryone I knew complained about it being to 'long winded', 'cause isn't a great book supposed to be clear and not rushed?
My arguement is probably all over the place but that is my opinion, although I have to agree Ji Mei, it really is taking to long to write the fourth book. And don't even get me started on the movie.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) (ter05) | 374 comments I think we all see things a bit differently and that is as it should be. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many books. It has been awhile since I read it (when it came out) but I got tired of being in the Dwarf's place - that part dragged for me. But that is just me.

Waiting for these is like waiting for a Diana Gabaldon Outlander book. I waited five years for the last one after reading the previous six one right after the other.

message 17: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) Whoa, that would just kill me! I really don't know what to think anymore, I've read soo many books that I forget Eragon and I don't want to reread when I still have to wait for a book that will still not be out after I finish. It'll just waste my time. I mean J.K. Rowling is much faster than Paolini! And she wrote 7 books!!!

message 18: by Becca (new)

Becca | 1608 comments hahaha! some authors take a lot more time to write books than others. Paolini is a young guy. He's probably too busy with school, girls, and a life to be pumping out books at the rate of some authors. I don't blame him. Plus this book is the crown of the series. It has to be done right or no one will ever read anything he writes again. I'm sure he doesn't want to be a one hit wonder.

As for the third book, I too really enjoyed it. I didn't feel like the story dragged and I appreciated that he actually took some time to make some things clear that weren't before. I hate a story that confuses me (i.e. Lament).

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) lol, I totally agree with you Becca! I'm a writer and I know how long it takes to write a decent draft and keep a active social-life.

message 20: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Heh, I was wondering if it was just me, but the general consensus seems to agree.

Demonic, there is a difference between a long book and a long winded book. At least for me. When the author is overly descriptive to the point that you get the feeling that he just likes to hear himself gets wearing. When huge chunks could be left out and have no effect on the actual story itself. I feel this could easily have been a trilogy, if Paolini hadn't let the sucess go to his head a bit.

I actually loved Eragon and Eldest (which are both long books), but was so disappointed with Brisinger that I dropped it on the floor and went into a book depression for ages. I just couldn't pick one up, couldn't make myself interested (I wasn't actually depressed, I just did other things.) It was probably six months before I got over it and picked up another book.

The movie was rubbish, but the PS game was even worse!

I was just wondering what some of y'all thought.

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) (ter05) | 374 comments I agree Amelia on Brisinger. I loved parts of it but when he stayed.....and stayed with the Dwarves I just wanted to say, "enough already". I felt the same way about the making of the sword. It was interesting....for awhile but the while went on too long. I really hate it when I am loving a story but it needs to move on. I guess it works for some people but I have read a lot of this same thing on other sites. My family has all read these books and were disappointed. But we will read the next one in hopes that it is the quality of Eragon.

message 22: by Becca (new)

Becca | 1608 comments I haven't read Brisinger since it came out, so what, two or three years, it's been awhile. Maybe I'll have to go back and read it again to understand what you mean. I don't remember it being long-winded, but I also only remember my general impression being that I was well-pleased with it and not really the details of the story.

message 23: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) I haven't read it since it came out either, but I have the impression that it took nearly half of the book for him to get from wherever he was to save the girl to where the battle was meant to be on some wasted plains or other... It's all rather hazy now, except for the huge disappointment and the book depression that followed. That sucked.

message 24: by Emi (last edited Sep 07, 2010 05:49PM) (new)

Emi It's hazy to me too, Amelia. I only remember the major events of each book because I've only read each one once. I'll have to read them again before the last book comes out, otherwise I'll have no idea what's going on. Has a date been for the release of the last book been announced yet?

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) No, not even a name for it yet.

message 26: by Becca (new)

Becca | 1608 comments lol, I actually went and signed up for the newsletter yesterday after being on here so I'll have firsthand knowledge if he does release something pertaining to the fourth book. My husband is listening to the books on audio right now and I have to say, the narrator does an EXCELLENT drunken dwarf impression. I was laughing my butt off.

message 27: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Oh, Becca...The newsletter is awful. I signed up for it for the same reason before Brisinger. He talks to you in Elvish and tells you all these ridiculous details of his life (like he's tweeting) and all the while you're thinking, "Quit screwing around and finish the book already!" I can't even look at them anymore.

message 28: by Becca (new)

Becca | 1608 comments lol, good to know. Maybe we should send him a mass email to that effect.

message 29: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) Count me in.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) Me too, and I can be very scary....

message 31: by Becca (new)

Becca | 1608 comments lol! I can tell. You're name says something about your character?

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) Yes, my very lethal and interchangeable moods....

message 33: by Becca (new)

Becca | 1608 comments hahahaha! That's awesome Demonic. So should I state the email diplomatically or just let out all the frustration in one brief sentence like yours Amelia?

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