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Worst Novel Ever or One of the Best?

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message 1: by Val (last edited Jul 04, 2008 11:16AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Val I read this book after listening to Terry Gross interview Prose on Fresh Air on NPR. Prose came across as intelligent and the novel incredible so I checked it out of the library. I liked it a lot then but in retrospect I'm not sure how I feel about it. I thought the writing superb but thinking about it now, the story seems predictable. After reading some of your reviews, I remember that I thought it was very funny. I'm going to reread it.

So please tell me, is this a worthy book or a bomb?

Houston Bolles The story was certainly predictable, though I admit being surprised by the very end. The writing was great. The sex scene's premature end bears repeated reading.

Casey I didn't expect a surprise in a story about a teacher crossing the line with a student, because really, it's not what's going to happen, but how this character and how we the readers will react to his own bad decisions. Her writing is brilliant and inspiring. She's dealing with a very common subject but doesn't stand on the pulpit, expecting us to change any opinions we have on the matter. She's earned my trust as a storyteller.

Roland Martinez I thought it was great. I'm conflicted about the ending though, the "I'll never know what happened" part sounded kind of lazy. I did get to page 50 or so and was hooked and kept reading it straight through so I did really like it.

message 5: by C. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C. McKenzie I enjoyed the satirical exploration of this story. The theme's obviously been around a long time, but I thought this author handled the unfolding in an amazingly deft fashion. She kept me wanting to find out who the real Angela Argo was.

David Freas I don't know that it is the worst novel of all time, but it ranks near the top of my list of bad novels I've read.
The main character didn't change one iota over the course of the novel. He was still the same lame schlub at the end as he was at the beginning. Without that growth, there is no story. It's just a slice chopped out of the middle of the MC's life.

Michael I am reading it for the third time. Every body has an opinion. If you like it read it again.

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