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Elizabeth (LiziRox) | 374 comments Mod
((We have a smaller territory than most clans but we have a huge river that only completely freezes over in the dead of Leaf Bare and even then we have 1\2 of our territory to use for other animals mostly small birds, mice, and voles! But in Green Leaf we are always very full and have tons of choices like, water snakes, fish, crab...))

Shreya=Drastically Random. Find the emoticon. | 887 comments Mod

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Elizabeth (LiziRox) | 374 comments Mod
((Yeah we eat them!!))

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♥Justine♥ | 674 comments Mod
ghostshine led the hunting patrol. She ran down to the stream and stood quietly looking for fish. She pounced! Catching a large fish. She set it on the stones and killed it with a blow.

Shreya=Drastically Random. Find the emoticon. | 887 comments Mod
(wow!) Flowerspots sniffed around, hoping to find a juniper bush. She glimpsed a juniper bush and ran towards it.

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Mockingbird | 55 comments Stormtide sat on the edge of the river bank, watching the forms of two water snakes twisting together in the deep edie. They looked so serene.
"They're probably mates..." He thought to himself.
He decided to leave them. Prey was plentiful, so his clanmates wouldn't starve if he left the snakes alone.
Father down the bank, he found a plump fish weaving through the currents. With lightning-like speed he snatched it out of the water and tossed it onto the sand, letting it flop around haphazardly. He stepped on it with his paw and delivered a clean killing bite.

He gingerly carried it back to the ocean clan camp.

Awesomely Random the Bestest D-Con | 34 comments Two slight paws slid carefully over the ground, cautious but not hesitant. Their owner was crouched low in the undergrowth, tail lowered and ears pricked, whiskers twitching with anticipation. A single pair of sharp blue eyes were focussed on a pile of rustling leaves ahead- and it certainly wasn't the wind. Slowly, mindfully, the she-cat crept as close as she dared, breathing steady and even and disguised by the birdsong traveling around the forest.

Hunting truly wasn't one of Rainshadow's best attributes, but moons of relentless training to perfect such an art were beginning to pay off and, as far as she was concerned, the mouse was blissfully unaware of her approach. That was all she could hope for. As long as the wind didn't suddenly change direction, it was all up to her from her. She bunched her muscles, leaning her weight onto her hind paws before making her lunge.

The jump was almost perfect. Unsheathing her claws in midflight, the she-cat landed squarely on top of the bundle of fur, trapping it within her claws and killing it with a quick nip to the neck. With a pleased purr, she picked it up in her jaws and trotted away, scenting her way towards where the rest of her kills were buried. She collected them all and padded back to Camp, tail swishing happily. She'd only caught a few measly mice, but it was better than nothing at this time of day

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