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message 1: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) About a vampyre finishing school!!! Written by P.C. and Kristen Cast.
Who's read it and what did you think?

message 2: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) that sucks! I just finished the third one. They're pretty good.

message 3: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) s-weet

message 4: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) I've read the first... 5? books... it got to messed up with the whole boyfriend issue thing, and the whole when-is-this-series-ending thing... but I still like the first book.

message 5: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) She is a bit dumb, but they are still kinda good, especially if you want something a bit mindless.

message 6: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) xD what was it, she went through like 4 or 5 guys and one died and one was evil temporarily, and one still loves her even though she cheated on him like... a million times?

message 7: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) okay... sorry, i'm not very far!

message 8: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) lol sorry for the random spoiler... don't worry, you won't figure out who's who until like near the end of that book.

message 9: by __Bookish (new)

__Bookish (__bookishadventures__) | 9 comments I've read all of them before "burned" and they are totally Awesome!! and as it goes on it gets even more interesting:) *sigh* i love those books:D

message 10: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) is burned the sixth one? looks good!
you're right- it's not much of a spoiler. it's fine!!!

message 11: by __Bookish (new)

__Bookish (__bookishadventures__) | 9 comments no i think its the seventh one, but i haven't read it yet :) ppl say its even better!

message 12: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) I never got past hunted... I started to feel the when-will-this-series-end thing, so I stopped reading it.

message 13: by __Bookish (new)

__Bookish (__bookishadventures__) | 9 comments but it gets better! u shuld just try reading the next one, its really good:) the only thing i dont like is that it takes forever to release and by than i usually forget the story :)

message 14: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) please tell me she at least ends up with eric, otherwise the whole series is still messed and I won't read it. *sigh...

message 15: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) aaaah don't give anything away!!! I only just read the one where that a-hole Blake gets KILLED (YES! HALLELUJAH!)

message 16: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) I know how you feel Maria, I really hated that guy too. He was such a user and he did Neferet's bidding -_- evil crazy lady.

message 17: by __Bookish (new)

__Bookish (__bookishadventures__) | 9 comments lol, do u wnat to know the ending? :P dont wrry i wont tell u .. yet:) but it gets a lot more interesting at the end, its worth reading for sure!

message 18: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) OMIGOD DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME!!!!!!
Yah, Blake was (haha past tense) such a user!!!

message 19: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) Haha. okay. well, whatever... I don't even like the covers anymore.

message 20: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) LOL, yeah, well by book... I think 3, you'd find out she's evil. I stopped after book 5 because i don't usually like run on series... the only exception so far is the Sookie Stackhouse series ^^

message 21: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) i'm still reading these horribly written books just because, um, zoey pretty much dies in the one book and i like stark.
i hope they wrap it up soon, tho.

message 22: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) xD if she dies, the series will still magically continue somehow. -_- the series got really dull after a while

message 23: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) hmmmmm yah, they pretty much lost their appeal. they dont seem to have PLANNED the series to any extent what-so-ever. Bleck.

message 24: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) *Nods in total agreement* first book was fine, down hill very fast after that.

message 25: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) totally agree. mentally clicking the "like" button yet again.

message 26: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) lol

message 27: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Parkins (soccerbabevicky) I read alll the books! so far..theirs more to come. But the series is amazzinnngggg. And lots of suspense and surprises!! On the same level as pretty little liars.

message 28: by M (new)

M (readergirl67) I like: Stark, Zoey, and Aphrodite.
Everyone else just seems a bit 2D.
Also, is it just me or is it weird that they crack jokes that are totally inappropriate for the situation? Like, oh, someone almost died, okay, ha ha, let's stick a random superficial joke in here.

message 29: by SQUEAK! (Lisa) (new)

SQUEAK! (Lisa) (fictionheart) I agree Maria... happens so often it makes me mad - you don't crack bad jokes about serious stuff... just not right no matter if you're a vampirish life stealing creature or not.

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