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message 1: by Diana (last edited Sep 09, 2010 02:03AM) (new)

Diana | 20 comments Okay, so some is Downspeak and some is other terminology. Some of it is inferred, but some of it you just kinda have to go with.

Any idea what bitter cardesca is? (The vial that Terrible gives Chess after she vomits after seeing Slipknot's body in the well).

Or melidia? I mean, I get that it's an herb, and probably somehow magical/metaphysical, but I've never heard of it and can't find any reference to it (other than it being a name).

As far as the drugs...

I think "Cepts" are some sort of benzodiazepine. I'm pretty sure "Oozers" are some sort of opiate, that "Dream" is heroin, "kesh" is pot, and "Valtruin" hydromorphone or hydrocodone or related, or possibly ketamine. Not so sure about the Pandas or Hoppers, and I know at least one thing sounded like a hallucinogen to me.

Tazro, I think, was rat poison.

Any thoughts?

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (iheartreading) | 5 comments Stacia answered this on her birthday blog post, she offered to answer any question that was asked:

"Oh, dear. I’d wanted to keep it vague because I don’t want to be seen as advocating/advertising/whatever, but I did say I’ll answer anything, so here goes. Cepts are Percocets. Oozers are a heavy muscle relaxant/sleeping pill, like Halcion. Pandas are Valiums. The Valtruin Chess found and took in UNHOLY GHOSTS was a Quaalude. Nips are Preludin. Dream is obviously opium/heroin. So there you go."

message 3: by Diana (new)

Diana | 20 comments Hmmm. That's interesting. Because Chess seems to be taking Cepts as though they will kill her emotions (which a Valium would do). Taking four or five of them would knock her out; oxycodone's strong.

Halcion's also a benzo, but I don't recall Chess taking one of those.

I will say, although I myself haven't ever gone through a withdrawal of any sort (having not taken enough of anything, ever, to prompt it), that her description of Chess's withdrawals was convincing enough I think it should be distributed in anti-drug literature.

message 4: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea (vampirebookclub) | 52 comments Mod
Diana wrote: "...her description of Chess's withdrawals was convincing enough I think it should be distributed in anti-drug literature. "

Seriously. Especially the scene where she's snowed in during Unholy Magic. Those who might mistake having an addict as a heroine as making drugs look cool is an idiot. Stacia has made it clear both why Chess uses and the huge pitfalls that come with it.

message 5: by Pennyddreadful (new)

Pennyddreadful | 4 comments Diana and Chelsea-

You're both so right. One of the things that I love about Stacia Kane, as a writer, is that she doesn't underestimate the intelligence of her readers. Rather than deliver a preachy "ABC After School Special" sermon about the evils of better living through chemistry...she merely describes the hellish consequences of Chess' addiction and allows the reader to draw his/her own conclusions.

The scene in the bathroom is probably the most harrowing description of withdrawal that I've ever read. Some of the negative of reviews of the books on Amazon seem to take exception with the glamorization of drug use. However, after reading the graphic depiction of how Chess (covered in her own vomit and diarrhea) has to be intravenously injected because she's too sick to keep pills down ...I can't fathom how anyone could possibly think the series has a pro-drug message.

message 6: by Maryse (new)

Maryse (itsmaryse) | 6 comments This scene was sad and amazing. Loved that it wasn't so much about the ghosts (staying at the Pyles, that's what i was expecting). But it was about her own personal demons coming back to her in full force. WOW. All of these scenes made Chess "real".

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