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Edan left the principles office with his scedual looking it over he headed to his first class.

Izobel stood in the corner of the girls bathroom, completly invisisble. She was listening happily to the gossip girls had coming back from break.

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music lover  (GGLover) Cameron went to the girls bathroom after she got her schedule.

Blake got his schedule and went to his next class

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Izobel saw a girl enter the bathroom, hopefully she knew some juicy secret.

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music lover  (GGLover) Cameron just washed her hands and fixed her hair

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) Janessa flipped back her long brown hair and smoothed her skirt. "Now I need to get my schedule..." she said in a low voice.

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Defeated Izobel carefully left the bathroom. Checking so hte coast was clear she becoame visible and headed to history.

Edan entered his history class and took a seat in the back.

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music lover  (GGLover) Cameron walked to history with Blake

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) (I guess that's the first class then!)
Janessa walked into history class and sat down at her desk.

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music lover  (GGLover) ((Izobels out of the bathroom))

Blake and Cameron took a seat at the back

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music lover  (GGLover) ((Sure you can make one for Blake))

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music lover  (GGLover) Brian looked at the girl who had just came.

Camron doodled on her notebook

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music lover  (GGLover) Brian smiled slightly at Jade

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music lover  (GGLover) Brian looked around. He tapped a pencil on his desk

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Izobel glanced around the classroom. She saw Edan in the back and decided to go sit next to him.

"Hey Edan," She said with a smile taking a seat next to him.

"Izobel," Edan replied glancing at her.

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((edited my charries a little))

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music lover  (GGLover) Cameron and Brian talked

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music lover  (GGLover) Cameron laughed at something Brian had said then immedietly stopped so she wouldn't get in trouble with the teach. Brian grinned

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music lover  (GGLover) Cameron started writing a
short story. She was a reallly good
writer and lots of her stories and other things have been in the newpaper (not school newspaper)

Brian sighed and leaned back in his chair bored

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music lover  (GGLover) Brian saw her drawing "Thats reallygood" he whispered

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music lover  (GGLover) He smiled "Welcome"

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music lover  (GGLover) Cameron finished her story then asked Bian to read it

Brian started reading

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music lover  (GGLover) When Brian was do e he handed it to Cammy "Its good" he said smiling.

She grinned and wrote her name on it

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music lover  (GGLover) Cameron and Brian got up when class was over

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music lover  (GGLover) They gathered their stuff then walked out of the door

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music lover  (GGLover) They walked to their lockers

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Izobel walked through the halls weaving around groups of people.

Edan left History quietly.

((I am slightly confused on what the rp is about- does everyone have powers and they all know that everyone has powers or is it a few people with powers in a school with regular people?))

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music lover  (GGLover) ((everyone has powers I think))

They go their books out

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((that would make more sense))

casper sighed, and walked into the classroom, blinking at the onslaught of brightly colored auras. she took a seat quietly, and tried to make sense of the dancing colors

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) Janessa opened her book and ran her slim fingers down the page, trying to find where she had last read about lightning.

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In her english class Izobel sat towards the front of the room, her binder open in front of her.

Edan entered his math class.

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Sitting towards the back of the class Edan got out his notebook.

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music lover  (GGLover) Cmaeron went to Math too. She came in late and aplogized. She quickly took her seat

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casper sighed. math. how fast? how long? how many? how big? how different? it was excruciating.
((I hate math))

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Edan, instead of paying attention, was doodling on his paper. He drew thunder clouds and lightning.

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) Janessa scribbled a lightning girl in her notebook, when she was supposed to writing an essay.

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((moi, cuz I'm on))

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"no problem" she replied. casper watched clare's orange aura move around her face,and stepped back slightly as it stretched toward her. "I'm Casper" she said.

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Standing Edan left class shoving his papers into his binder.

Izobel walked through the halls.

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"good to meet you clare, I would love to chat, but I don't want to be late for my next period," I said

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Izobel entered her french class and took a seat.

Edan went to biology.

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"French," I replied, consulting my schedule

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) Janessa slammed her notebook shut and walked out.

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"shall we?" I asked laughing.

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and with that, we headed of toward frewnch.

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((lol frewnch toast!))

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"bonjour, ca va?" said the french teacher, as the class took their seats. "bien" I replied quickly, before turning to face clare

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Getting out her notebook Izobel took her homework out.

((OMJeepers do you think you could use third person?))

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(yeah. sorry.)

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