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SleepyFox | 2036 comments Mod
ok, so 4 this one, u r limited to 3 charries. (bad guys don't count)
shay, dogs count too.
we will blend their lives together more towards the end.
and try to do it in unexpected ways.
NO SUPERPOWERS!!! go to elementals or paranormal for that...
Skilled at...:

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 1950 comments Mod
the limit is 2... for now....

Name: Trista Kelly
Age: 17
Gender: F
Personality: Energetic, Kind, Quick-Thinker (Half-Yellow Half-Red)
Hobby: Training her dog Tracks
Skilled at...: Parkour
Appearence: http://www.nerdyshirts.com/media/cata...
History: At the age of ten, her parents both died in a an accident in Las Vegas during their annual trip for there anniversery. She and Crystal have live with each other since they were twelve. Tracks is her guardian.

Name: Tracks
Age: 6
Gender: M
Personality: Obidient, Loyal, Energetic, Smart
Hobby: Racing, Training with Trista
Skilled at...: Frisbee
Appearence: http://www.witmertyson.com/images/le.jpg
History: Tracks is a retuired police attack dog. He had to retire do to the death of William, Trista's father. He is now Trista's guardian. He does frisbee as a sport to hide his unknown old identy as a police dog.

Name: Crystal Summers
Age: 15
Gender: F
Personality: Sweet, Shy, Innocen at first glance but has a wild side, loves to get caught up in battles
Hobby: Hanging with Trista
Skilled at...: Gymnastics(She's a gold medalist)
Appearence: http://www.marieclaire.com/cm/mariecl...
History: Her patents died when she was 12 in Las Vegas. They went there on a family trip and left Crystal behind with her grandmother when Trista was living with them. She and Trista now live in an aparement together. SHe longs to know how her parents died...

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Name: Catrina
Age: 16
Gender: F
Personality: quick to judge, very protective of Claire (her sister). A good friend but you must earn her trust. SMART!!!
Hobby: going to the forest to practice her skills
Skilled at...: assassination and hacking
Appearance: http://www.short-hair-style.com/image...

Name: Claire
Age: 13
Gender: F
Personality: kind once you get to know her. Appears to be a bitch. is very good at sneaking around (she and her sister steal things for a living) more of a jock than a nerd...
Hobby: picking locks
Skilled at..: breaking into places and close combat
Appearance: (google anne hathaway) only with green eyes and red hair =D Hannah...think Kushina w/ green eyes

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SleepyFox | 2036 comments Mod

The loud screeching of a security alarm echoed down the abandoned hallway. The smooth sliding of leather tennis shoes almost disappeared in the noise. Small, sharp breaths was the only thing that could've given her away as Claire shot down the corridor, a small brown package firmly in her right hand.
"There she is!" one of the guards shouted, following in pursuit. Three other men appeared from behind him, calling for backup.
Claire snook a glance behind herself, seeing the men. 'Good lord,' she thought to herself, picking up the pace. There was a reason she was the best cross-country runner in the entire school.
The security guards, bogged down with bulky equipment, began to lag behind.
'I'm losing them,' she thought to herself smugly. Then, a more agents came from around the corner in front of her. "You've got to be-" she started then stopped, hearing the familiar arming of a gun.
"On your knees, hands behind your back," the agent commanded, pointing a gleaming, new pistol at her head.
She didn't obey.
"On your knees!" he shouted.
"Kiss my ass," she told him boldly, a smiled on her face.
His eyes widened before blood splattered across the wall next to him, the window to their left cracking at the same moment. Everyone was in shock.
"See ya in hell," she told them, dropping to the ground and allowing the bullets of an automatic to spray across the area around them.
After the metal firing subsided, she stood slowly, her body facing at the window. The blonde hair of her best friend reflected the sun like a halo. "Nice, Catrina."
She sighed in finality, standing and slinging her AWM over her shoulder. "Let's go collect our payment," she smiled, holding her sister's hand as they traveled off into the sunset, the red beams and sirens still sounding from the building behind them.

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A squeak echoed a short distance, worn-out converse scraping the outside of the green,rusty metal. One wrong step and it would mean falling to her doom, Trista hauled herself up the ladder to the top of the building. She panted in triumph and started at a full-fleged run until she was gliding across the space between the two roof tops. She landed with ease and looked down at Crystal.
"How far?" She called.
Crystal's voice echoed softly. "2 meters!"
Trista bit her lip. That bad?
Crystal waved at her friend. "Come on!"
Trista hasitated but clibmed down the ladder, skipping every step. She leapt off and skidded the corner. She nodded and looked down at Tracks.
Tracks panted an barked.
Trista patted his head. "Good boy."

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A tall, grey-haired man stood, his back facing the wind, his hands stretched freely at his sides.
Claire and Catrina came up behind him, the package in their hand.
"Nice work," he told them, not turning his head as if he somehow knew they would do it.
Claire rolled her eyes. "We don't want your praise. Only the money."
He laughed to himself, still loud enough for them to hear. "Of course." His hand slipped in front of him and then a brown, leather briefcase appeared, its handle worn from use. Then, on it, two different colored stings, wrapped around the handle and tied in a simple knot. Their ends were frayed and flapping in the wind as he opened the inside to show them the cotton, smooth, green bills stacked in what looked to be stacks of hundreds.
'Whoa, he really meant a GENEROUS reward...' Claire thought to herself, her eyes practically popping out of their sockets. 'That would keep us for at least a week.' But she promptly became concerned, fingering the light package in her hand. "What's in this that's worth so much?" she asked, much to Catrina's surprise. She knew people hired them to steal stupid things. Once they'd been hired by a governor's secretary to steal some pictures that would impeach his boss if they were ever released to the media. They worked locally, not wanting to become too known, and wanted nationwide. That was the reason they had to leave California, the country they worked at before they moved to Texas to avoid being caught. Claire hated leaving but Catrina had good reason - the only thing she'd ever wanted was to keep her safe. And Claire was grateful for that, and, although she'd never been much of a talker, she spilled her school day and her worries to Catrina every night around their routine campfire. The ritual calmed her, allowing her to perform her best the next day. And Catrina worked so hard, cleaning up after every job to avoid their identities from being discovered. Claire hoped she knew how grateful she was to her.
Catrina grabbed her shoulder. "What's up with you?" she whispered. "The job's the job. And you've never cared about what's inside the things you steal..." She smiled at the man. "I'm sorry," she apologized, for a second behaving like an angel.
The man laughed half-heartily. "Don't worry about it. Just my invention that company stole." He smiled then, showing one or two teeth that were missing.
"Oh," Claire replied simply, handing over the package in exchange for the money, which they stuffed in a light brown potato sack they'd used for years after finding it abandoned in an alley.
The man looked at his gleaming Rolex watch, seeming like he was in a hurry. "Well I have to get going," he said, taking the briefcase back and stuffing the package inside. "It's been nice doing business with you."
"You too," Catrina replied politely, smiling until he left. She then glanced a worried look at Claire. "He could've left and we would've done all that for nothing..." she chastised.
Claire sighed, glancing away from her sister's questioning gaze. "I just..." she started, not being able to finish. Then her gaze met Catrina's and something happened. A small message was conveyed between their eyes in a single moment, almost magical. "There's something different about him," she finally stated, breaking her gaze away yet again. "He feels...different."
"I know what you mean," Catrina confessed, her stare swiping across the city below. "There IS something wrong with him, but it's not our business." She turned back towards Claire who looked at her with questioning eyes. "We deal with a lot of creeps in our field. We get the item, they pay us, and we don't think twice about it. That's how you survive."
Claire sighed and nodded, gazing out across the city as well, the city she loved. She wanted to live there, in a cramped apartment instead of outdoors in the forest, but Catrina didn't want her to fall behind on her schoolwork because of jobs they took. She breathed in the crisp air and felt a sudden surge of happiness. She remembered the rush she got when running from those guards: the same one she felt when she was cheering. She loved to twirl the baton and watch it ascend, slowly through the sky until her hand skillfully grasped it once again, twirling her body. She dressed in bows and dresses at school, although her real personality remained hidden, veiled. She wanted so much to live in an apartment, no matter how small it was. She just wanted to be herself. "Catrina?" she asked slowly, turning to her sister.
"Huh?" she questioned back, breaking her gaze away from the city.
"I want to live in an apartment," she confided, her gaze locked on the ground as she couldn't bear to see her sister's hurt face.
"That's pretty sweet, even for you," she laughed, much to Claire's surprise. "Don't worry, I was actually thinking about getting a part-time job, just on the weekend at this nice cafe in town. And they offered free food so we wouldn't have to buy food anymore. I was thinking, if I worked the numbers correctly, we could afford an apartment, while only taking a job once every month."
Her head shot up in excitement. "Really?" she asked, bubbling like a little toddler who had just been offered a cookie.
Catrina smiled down at her. "Of course. You know I wouldn't joke about something like this."
"Oh, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" she proclaimed, hugging her sister.
Her smile widened and she patted Claire's back. "Look, let's go find a place, okay?"
Claire nodded and they set off.

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Krista and Crystal headed for the wire fence that enclosed the old buildings. Krista hopped the gate as Crystal used the latch gate. Tracks followed after Crystal. Krista took a running start and leapt over the brick wall and into her back yard. Crystal went around to the front door with Tracks. Krista opened the back door and made her way to the living room to open the front door.
A faint noise echoed a few miles away. Crystal looked around. What the...
Krista opened the door and stopped in mid-step. She frowned. Not again.
Tracks pricked his ears and growled. He set off in the direction of the loud booming sirens.
Krista and Crystal followed with no choice but to do so.
The door swung open and stayed that way...

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Claire sauntered down the sidewalk, her running shoes neatly tied in her own, unique kind of bow: one that wouldn't come undone, no matter what you did. Catrina's words echoed through her mind: "Don't do anything too dangerous. I'm going to interview for the job. Just...whatever you do, don't get kidnapped or killed." She laughed silently to herself. 'If anyone tried to grab me, I'd kick their ass instead.' She continued down the cracking pavement, a few cars passing by as they came home from work, oblivious to the real world. The one she lived in. The world where you constantly had to watch your back lest you be killed. Then they stood in shock as one day their house was robbed and their family dead. That was something that'd never happen to her. What family did she have anyway? All she had was Catrina, and she knew Catrina could take care of herself. But, suddenly, a frown came to her face as she thought of what Catrina would be giving up. Her dreams, her education. And all for what? Her selfish wish of living in the city? Guilt flooded through her and she wanted to turn, to run back to her sister and tell her "No! Don't!" But something stopped her. She thought of the scene on the rooftop. Of what happened between them back then. Something that never had before. 'That look in her eyes...' she thought to herself, getting over her initial guilt. 'What was that? I've always told her my dreams but...' It finally hit her she knew nothing about her sister's heart. What did she dream for? Who did she love?
"I love you."
She stopped mid-step, shock written all over her face. 'What the...?' Her hands grasped the side of her head and she slid against the wire fence. 'What was that? Who said that?' She saw a glimpse of something - someone. She looked like her, only older, her blue eyes shown through her auburn hair. She felt a word spring to her lips but couldn't say it. 'Who is she?' She finally looked around herself, remembering to keep watch and jumped the fence, hoping she would be safer inside. She found an apartment with an open door and stepped inside, finding the room empty. She breathed a sigh of relief.
But then she heard a faint rustling.
Her head whipped around to the bedroom, scared she'd be caught and ready to fight. Then she saw a brown-haired boy, no older than herself, emerge.
His eyes widened in fear and he braced himself in a fighting position, a brown sack in his hand. His camouflage jeans and black shirt disappeared into any natural landscape, but he was out of luck inside the apartment. He stuck out like a sore thumb against the pale colors of the apartment.
"Who are you?" Claire asked, not moving from the position she was in. The boy still looked frightened, but the dirt on his cheek made her think he was a street fighter. She wasn't sure she could handle someone like that.
"No one important," he replied wearily, grasping the sack tighter.
"What are you doing here?"
"What does it look like?"
Claire scanned his body. His clothes, the sack, large pockets, the classic burglary clothes. "Someone whose up to no good."
He slid to the side, his tall, lanky body allowing him to do so. "Do you live here?" His body was no longer in a defensive position.
Her cheeks flushed but she stood her ground. "No...but you don't either."
He smirked. "I thought so." He extended his hand. "Lonny," he introduced, trying to smile but not being able to do so.
Her face contorted in confusion. This man wasn't experienced at all. No robber would extend their hand to you unless it was a trap. "An alias. Nice." She knew it had to be a trap.
His face looked scared and anxious but he squashed it instantly. "That's no alias," he tried to say with confidence, but it sounded submissive.
"Not a bad liar either."
Lonny mentally groaned. "It really isn't an alias!" His hand shot to his mouth as he knew that was a mistake.
Her eyes narrowed. "You're no robber. Who are you?"
He tried to stop but his body moved instinctively, sprinting out the door and leaving Claire alone.

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TRacks stopped at the abandoned building where the robbery had taken place.
Trista found a small opening between a short building and the taler one. She rystal. "I'm gonna try."
Trista dashed for the opening and jumped to one side and then the other swiftly with hardly any sound echoing in the gap. She leapt onto the shorter building and,with a power full jump, launched herself to the top of the other bulding. She saw a door and sped down the stairwell that was through the door. Se came face-to-face with Claire.
"What are you doing?!" She barked at Claire.
Tracks burst through the door and jumped to Trista's side with Crystal close behind, doing her famous flipping entrance.

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Claire's head whipped around, quickly recovering from the shock of Lonny's sudden depart. "Nothing," she replied casually, dropping her hands to her sides but still prepared to fight at anytime. She thought about the boy, her age, with the brown sack. What was in that? Food? Cash? She didn't know. But he did seem different from the robbers she saw on the streets.

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Tracks sniffed the air and growled at Claire.
Trista snorted. "Theif? Robber? What?"
Crystal flipped around and held Claire down, an arm around her neck and her oher hand closing around both of her wrists to be behind her back.
Tracks barked at Claire furiously.

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Claire grunted as she tried to get away. "I just came in here cause it looked abandoned," she told them truthfully, glaring at Crystal.

Catrina sprinted down the sidewalk. 'Ugh, where the hell are you Claire?!' she questioned mentally, spinning around frantically, looking for a clue - any clue. She finally spotted an abandoned building. 'Maybe she's inside...' she thought, knowing her sister inside and out. She jumped the wire fence and ran next to the open door, pulling out her semi-automatic handgun from her back pocket, flipping the safety off and eavesdropping on the conversations inside the room. 'A dog, two girls and...' She heard her sister's voice. 'Claire.'

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Crystal shook her head. "Your a fugative."
Trista nodded. "I'd know it anywhere. Tracks can rack a criminal miles away. Mind you he was a police dog." She smrked.
Tracks growled.

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"No I'm not!" Claire shouted, staring at the dog. She'd never felt this scared in her life and she began to wonder if she was going to die. Tracks looked like he would rip her head off any second so she just shut her eyes, trying to calm herself.

'Bastards,' Catrina thought, flying around the corner and shooting at the people around Claire.

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Tracks growled and dashed at Catrina, chomping hard onto her shooting arm. Trista leapt up to a pipe and swung herself up. Crystal screamed and ran out of the door, still holding Claire.

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Claire fussed against Crystal's hand, finally slamming her against the wall and running to the other side of the hall. She breathed in short, exasperated breaths. "What the hell do you want?" she asked, fingering the dagger in her back pocket. She'd been too slow the first time but she knew she could stab her fast enough now. 'I have to find a way out...'

Catrina flung her arm against the wall, slamming Tracks into it as he let go with a slight whimper. He didn't give up, however, as he hit the ground. Catrina could tell he had some fight in him. She turned to Trista, now on top of a pipe. "What are you doing to my sister?" she questioned, her eyes glaring at her as if to peer into her soul. To understand her sadness and pain and loneliness. And in that instant Catrina thought back, a small memory and a small hand, released from a gentle hug. She'd seen it many times before, but what was it? Who was it? Even after all these years, she still didn't know.

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Crystal shook her head. "I want to know who you are." She snorted-said. She panted, glancing at her arm and then back at Claire. Who the heck is she and why is she such a brat?!
Traista gasped at Tracks. Tracks stood there, his back arched and growling, scarlet dripping from his jaw.
"I'll call him off if you state your name and business." Trista claimed. "You sister is fine, as far as I know. I don't know what the hell Crystal could do to her."
Tracks readied to lunge, his back arched higher and fur bristled, his chest heaving.

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Catrina sighed, not wanting to continue fighting. "Catrina and to retrieve my sister."

"Not a robber if that's what you're asking," Claire snapped, ready to fight.

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Trista sighed in relief. "Tracks, stop." She commanded.
Tracks calmed down and bounded over to under the pipe. He sat down under Trista, still holding his furious gaze on Catrina.
"Why are you after you sister?" Trista asked.

Crystal growled, "I can call on that police dog, so don't try anything funny, traitor."

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"Do I look like I give a damn, girl?" Claire sneered. Her fingers curled around her dagger.

Catrina just stared at her imploringly. "Because I don't want to see her get hurt," she answered an octave lower than her normal voice.

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Crystal snickered and hissed, "Don't try anything funny, sweetheart." She reached to her back pocket and felt around for her silent dog whistle.

Trista gripped the pipe harder. She's not spilling... Trista looked down at Tracks, who eyed Catrina like a peice of bacon on fire. She looked at Catrina, her eyes like tigers. "You listen here. I won't hurt your sister if you give me the real reason your hear. I don't know what actual damage Crystal could do to that little thief, anyway."

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"That is the real reason," Catrina continued to defend, her mind suddenly darting back and forth between excuses. 'If the police catch us...no. I can't let that happen.' "Really," she added with more authority in her voice.

Claire smiled and took that comment as an invitation to fight. The truth was, despite hiding it, she wanted to battle someone one on one. Catrina didn't like her fighting, but how could she improve her skills without a few skirmishes? She couldn't. So sometimes, on the way back from school, she'd pick a fight with the neighborhood gang. She felt it now. The rush she got before the battle. You could almost feel the electricity in the air, hanging between them. She pulled the daggers from her pocket, one in each hand, and charged towards Crystal.

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Trista noded at Catrina. "If we see you again, beware."
Trista jumped off of the pipe and snapped her fingers at Tracks.

Crystal shook her head and jumped, rebounding off the wall and landing on her hands only to push herself up again, landing on her feet inside the room where Trista and Catrina were.

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Claire skidded to a halt, the daggers still in her hands and slammed her back to the wall, breathing hard. She didn't answer when Catrina called her name, instead she hid the daggers and played dead.
When Catrina walked in to check on her she was mortified, ready to kill Crystal but she had to check. She sprinted over to her sister's body, falling on her knees to check her pulse. Her head went to her chest. Nothing. Her fingers darted to her neck. There she felt the small vibrations of blood rushing through her veins. She breathed a sigh of relief and stood. "Nice try, Claire. We're going," she announced, hands on her hips.
Claire groaned. "Ah...I hoped you wouldn't go for the neck."
Catrina smiled. "Who saved your butt yesterday?"
Claire rolled her eyes. "No one," she pouted, adverting her gaze to the side. But then a smile she couldn't hold back spread across her face and she ran to hug her sister, feeling tears of joy well up from inside her.

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Crystal planted wrapped her arm around Trista's neck and laughed, pulling her over playfuly.
Trista took the advantage and flipped Crystal over. "Nice try." She smirked.
Crystal twisted in mid-air and landed on her feet. "Think again next time." Crystal laughed.
Trista smiled and rubbed Tracks's forhead. "Should we go?"
Crystal nodded. "We might as well." She glanced scormfully over at the sisters.
Trista faced the two sisters in crime. "Next time we catch ya'll, we won't go easy on you."
Crystal noded once and took Trista's hand, pulling her along as they made their way out of the old building.

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"Same here," Catrina answered, waving politely. She turned to Claire. "You ready for 8th grade tomorrow, Fireball?"
Claire nudged her sister's arm. "I told you not to call me that!" she complained, feigning annoyance. But a playful smile gave her away until finally she answered yes.
"Nice, let's go find a place," Catrina announced, letting Claire hop onto her back for a piggyback ride home.

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Trista jumped up and swung in a whole circle around a lamp pole. Crystal could only laugh. Tracks trotted behind Trista. Crystal walked along, watching Trista. They soon reached home and Crystal gasped. The front door!
"Trista!" Crystal called, sounding like a fire alarm.
Crystal, what-?" Trista saw the door and peaked inside.
The house...was trashed.

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Lonny sprinted away from the house, another sack of goods in his arms. 'Thank goodness I got away in time...' he thought to himself, looking back to see the two girls and dog standing in the doorway. 'They'll never know and...well, I only took food.' He continued to make his getaway through the city streets. He looked back on the life he came from, frowning. Everything he'd left behind had been everything he'd ever wanted. Until...until he learned the truth. 'Why did I leave?' he again asked the famous question, slowing in his gait. But he knew the right answer. The true reason he left. To get away from the lies of his father. He shut his eyes, if only for a second, to recollect himself. Finally, he continued on his way back to the alley he called home.

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Tracks sniffed and the air and barked in alarm, his nose instantly pointing toward Lonny. He backed up a step and then bolted forward, barking, growling, steam bascically flowing from his ears as he trumpeted a howl of rage.
Trista nodded. "Let's go." She started off at a limp gait, but in a matter of seconds was galloping close behind Tracks.
Crystal screamed at Lonny, her anger over-taking her, as she blazed on after her friends.

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Lonny turned his head, seeing the girls and dog behind him. He took off, running as fast as his legs could take him (which was pretty fast) until he rounded a corner, then another. He again sneaked a glance behind himself. He'd lost them.

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racks snoiffed the ground, his nose plugged there before he was off again at record speed, barking like a police siren. Trista took a quick breather and continued after him. Crystal went around long ways, trying to cirle him.

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Lonny ran into a girl, falling backwards into the dirt. He glanced up to see the same girl that was at the building before.
"You..." they started in unison.
Claire's green eyes pierced his soul, seeming to swallow him up. "What are you doing here?" she asked, remembering how he'd robbed that other building. She saw the same sack in his hands. 'Did he...rob someone else?'
"N-Nothing," he stuttered, standing up.
Claire's eyes narrowed. "Explain nothing."

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Tracks came around the corner, snarling.
Trista was pacing behind him at a safe distance. Then she saw Claire. "You again?"
Crystal bumped into Claire and backed up at a safe distance. "You..." She suddenly realized the girl.
Trista looked down at Lonny. "Why did you rob our house?! Give me one god reason! Likely I'll beleive it anyway."
Tracks sat at Trista's feet, his sides heaving, teeth bared at Lonny.

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"Uh..." Lonny started in desperation.
"You ROBBED their house? I knew it..." Claire started and grabbed Lonny by the neck, slamming him against a brick wall. "Who the hell are you? And I want your REAL name."
"I told you!" Lonny complained, grasping the hands at his throat.
Claire dropped him on the ground, her eyes like newly-sharpened knives.

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Trista nodded. "Whe we got home, our house was trashed and the fridge was bare. Thanks to Tracks, we spotted him in time to chase him."
Crystal moved gradually over to Trista's side.
Tracks's growl grew into a rumble deep in his throat, like a motorcycle. His snarl sounded off as a jittery howl instead. His eyes met Lonny in a challenge and Threat.
Trista looked at Trakcks and then back t Lonny. "Spill. Spill you guts about what happened or I release my police dog."
Crystal nodded curtly, still feeling aprehensive about the situation.
"Do it!" Trista commanded. "You either talk or there will be violence."

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Claire brought her hand up to slap him across the face.
"O-Okay, Okay! I'm starving! All I needed was some food..."
Claire stopped, remembering those days when Catrina was young and they couldn't find food. When she felt abandoned and lonely. Her hand dropped to her side, her face apologetic. "Oh..." she started.

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Trista snapped her fingers and flicked Tracks muzzle.
Tracks stifled a whimper and stepped back a step, the growling seased.
Crystal shook her head. "That's no excuse..."
Trista nodded in agreement to Claire. "WHy didn't you just ask?"

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Lonny stared at his feet, ashamed. "Because I've never had to. And, when I did, everyone ignored me." 'They ignored my desperate attempts of friendship...' His eyes shut and, suddenly, he wanted to go back home. He wasn't made for the street. But these people, this girl especially, grew up on the streets. She could survive on her own. And he couldn't do anything.
Claire's eyes widened in shock. 'He's never had to ask anyone for anything? Where in the world did he come from?'

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Trista shook her head. "It's hard enough for my and my sister to work for our own food, you know?"
Crystal nodded. "We have the greatest protection, but that doesn't always bring dinner to the table, now does it?"
Tracks snorted.

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Lonny looked up. "Yeah...but I can't do anything. I'll starve alone."
His eyes shown with a passion Claire couldn't name. She wanted to know what made him tick, but every time she tried, she came out empty-handed. "Yeah, we all work hard. And go find a job. Stop being such a freeloader."
Lonny just gaped at her.

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Trista flinched and blinked. "I've ben robbed before and heard sob story after sob story."
Crystal scowled. "What do you expect from a Gymnist and a Parkour Master with a Frisbee Dog?"
Tracks nodded gingerly and panted, sinking into his front paws.

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'I have to get out of here...' Lonny thought to himself, glancing around. He saw a truck coming and debated. Could he make it?
Claire noticed his restlessness and thought for a moment maybe she should hold on to him but before she could grab him, he was gone, hanging onto a truck with one hand, the brown sack still in the other.
She didn't waste time as she took off after him, almost matching the speed of the truck.

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Trista gulped and yelled, "Tracks g-!"
Tracks was already off at a head start, blazing after the truck like he was in the final stretch of a race. He snarled, a rumble deep in his throught sounding off like a starting deisel enguine.
Trista pointed forward and nodded at Crystal. She ran to the ladder and hoisted herself to the top of the building. Crystal took off slowly, but gradually built of speed, ater the truck.

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Claire gained on the truck, not even feeling the burn of a workout. "Lonny! Get off!" she yelled, but the truck sped up and soon it was on its way out of town. Claire slowed, she knew she couldn't make it, and came to a halt at the end of the sidewalk just at the edge of town.

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Trista hopped over the second building and stopped. We can't catch him. She sighed and called out at Tracks. "Tracks! Stop! No more!" She jumped back across the buildings and started down the ladder.
Tracks slowed and whimpered. He bounded a few steps back and then walked the rest of the way to Crystal and Trista.

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Lonny sighed in relief. 'At least they don't know who I am...' he thought to himself, enjoying the scenery the rest of the way into a nearby town.

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Crystal at on a pile of boxes, fighting back tears. That was 2 weeks wort of food he had run off with, more food thn her and Trista had ever gotten before. Why now? Why can't stupid people like him just keep to themselves? Crystal's eyes widened as a familiar voice rang like a bell in the back of her mind. Don't give up, Crystal-dear. You have Trista and Tracks. We will be back in a few days. Be strong. Good luck. Good-bye. Crystal clenched her fist. Mom. She never came back. She had died. Why?
Trista slid down the rest of the ladder and plopped onto the ground. She felt a feeling she had never felt before. A voice chimed in her ear, familiar, yet far from it. Young Trista. Poor, Young, Innocent Trista. I am sorry my sweetheart. I will not return. Good-bye. Good luck. Be strong. SHe shook her head loose from the trance and remembered instantly who had said these words. Dad. Why? WHy did he leave knowing he would die? The questions puzzled Trista as she walked back over to the others.

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Claire dragged her feet back to Crystal and Trista. "That was your house, wasn't it?" she said, her face sympathetic.

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Trista sighed and nodded. "Sadly."
Crystal blinked, a tear of salty water streaking the side of her face. "I-it's all my f-fa-fault."
Tracks whined and hopped up on the box next to Crystal.

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Claire felt a pang of guilt but she squashed it almost instantly. "Hey, it's not your fault, girl. It could've happened to anyone." 'Yeah...anyone who can't defend themselves...'

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