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Crossies! You accidentally stick the band aid to the cut and when you rip it off, you make it bleed really bad and they have to get stitches.

"Here, I'll get you a drink. I promise I'll get it to you within 5 minutes!"

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haha. Crossies! you lie to ur bff and she socially ruins you and everyone hates you

"I promise that I won't mess around on Facebook mom, cross my heart and hope to die."

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crossies! when you're at walmart you get distracted by texting and the kids wander off and the police have to come to return them to you

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"I promise i'll clean my room mom, promise."

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 87 comments CROSSIES! Your interveiwed at the presidents speech and the WHOLE world is watching. You accidenly reveal the secret.

"I won't stay up all night on the labtop! PROMISE "

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you end up using the laptop so much you break it and then it explodes and your whole house burns down

"I'll make sure to feed the dog, promise."

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 87 comments You feed him SOOOOO much that he explodes.

"I will not shoot Rozara LOL!"

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haha =)
You are part of a shooting sports competition and by accident I run out into the field and I get seriously hurt. ;D

"I will watch over the kids just fine alone, mom."

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Crossies, instead you dtich them at the park and hang out with your friends.

"I promise I'll do my homework later!"

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Crossies, they land in the water.

"i'll turn the music down!"

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You end up recoring basketball.

"I'lll feed to goldfish later."

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You forget about the fish and then you feed it a lot and it explodes

"I won't eat all the popcorn, don't worry."

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You miss the bus and end up having to take a garbage truck to school.

"I study for my math test LATER!"

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You mess around so much that you end up staying up too late and you fall asleep during your test. You fail.

"I'll get off the computer soon, I promise."

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crossies! you think you've found the PERFECT apartment when it turns out to be a zoo. You're caged with the orangutans

"I'm not going to cheat on my math test! I promise!"

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 87 comments They buy you such a big book it squishes you when they hand it to you.

"I want a kitten! A white one to name WhiteStorm!"

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Whitestorm grows really big and fierce and claws your face off one day

"How's about we go to the carnival? I promise you'll have a fun time."

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oops sorry
you wear the hat to the carnival and everyone laughs at you. You find out later that they bought it with your credit card and it cost $300, no returns

"I'll be fine at summer camp, promise!"

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 87 comments You actually get shot at camp

I want a chocolate bar!

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 87 comments I did it already

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hehe I did that earleir.........

Your chocolate bar melts all over your sweatshirt and you have no time to go back and your mother throws a toaster at you because it was her sweater

"I won't wreck the car, promise"

Owlfeather Go Zelda! | 87 comments You wreck the car and have to pay 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,001$ to your father for the car.

"I won't get married at the age of 11, promise."

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You get married at the age of 8 to a 73 year old

"Of course I'll pay you back, promise."

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You never pay theem back, and they pres charges and you go to jail FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!

"I clean up my stuff soon!"

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You don't clean up your stuff and you spill your science project all over your stuff and somehow it all mutates and overcomes you while you sleep!

"Of course I won't get mad if you win this game"

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