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message 1: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod
talk abotu your favorite parts of the books that have to do with rebelling against anything

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 41 comments i read a book called the compound it was about this family who lived in this compound because the father told them that there was a nuclear war outside so to keep them safe he had that built when he thought there was gonna be one and they lived down there for awhile. the thing is one boy's twin and grandmother got left behind. he eventually figures out that there was never a nuclear war when he IM's his brother by mistake and the book is about him trying to get the family out

message 3: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) ooh, sounds interesting

message 4: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod
what is it called

message 5: by Amina (new)

Amina  (journalistam) it's called compound, she already said so.

Guys, the link to my novel:

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True Love Forever (trueloveforever) | 44 comments Some other good ones about rebellion
The Uglies Trilogy (Uglies, #1-3) by Scott Westerfeld
The Bar Code Tattoo (Bar Code, #1) by Suzanne Weyn
The Forest of Hands and Teeth (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #1) by Carrie Ryan

True Love Forever (trueloveforever) | 44 comments THe Last one was The Forrest of Hands adn Teeth and the Dead Tossed Waves.

message 8: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (betweenmypages) WOAH, I didnt no that Uglies has a rebellion.....but that does make sense! I'll bet that Maze Runner will have a rebellion in the last book THE DEATH CURE

True Love Forever (trueloveforever) | 44 comments I just got maze runner from the library. My friend said it was great. In teh Uglies they have to fight against the system that makes you turn you self pretty. When the peopel willing get their bodies made perfect they are unaware that there brains are being altered too. There freedom is being taken away in a sense.

message 10: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca I was debating whether to buy Impossible by Nancy Werlin and The Uglies in a bookstore the other day - I chose Impossible, but the Uglies still sound interesting. And Maze Runner is on my eReader, so I'll get around to it. I've heard it it's good, but that the characters are little flat.

True Love Forever (trueloveforever) | 44 comments Uglies is a geat series. Also Birthmarked is good read. Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien

message 12: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (betweenmypages) My friend explained the concept of Uglies to me....she read book 1 in a night! She loved it post- apocalyptic? And how does the true rebellion begin?

message 13: by Roza (new)

Roza | 216 comments Mod
i loved the maze runner

True Love Forever (trueloveforever) | 44 comments Uglies is set in the future in one particular city divided by a river. Noraml kids are raised on one side until they reach a certain age and then there bidies are perfected and they get to be in the other part of the city where every one is rteated so awesome. Or Bubbly would be the term LOL Some people don't want to be perfected adn try to escape to find others.

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