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Cheryl Can any of you say you actually "enjoyed" or "liked" this book? I mean, I know it was a good book but for some reason I don't feel like I fully appreciated it - I just read it superficially for some reason, even though I really wanted to like it.

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Lisa Vegan I'm about to try to read it again for the Children's Books group, but I tried it at one point a few years ago and I had a really hard time enjoying her style of writing.

However, I want to add that I know at least one person who adored this book and has read the others about this girl/these characters.

Cheryl I'll discuss it with you there (as you know :). Thanks for helping me test this Community Discussion idea!

I do agree some people would love this book. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, and if anyone else ever reads these comments I don't want them to hesitate to read it.

Lisa Vegan Maybe somebody not in the/a group will weigh in.

Cheryl That would be cool!

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Grace I LOVE this book and all the other ones!

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Grace seriously, reeealy good! i love her bird :)

Ruby Hollyberry I just read this and thoroughly enjoyed it. I particularly love the bears and Tallow! I've read all her adult fiction and nonfiction and loved all of them too. Will be continuing this series.

Jennifer (JenIsNotaBookSnob) I know I'm late discussing this, but, I finally got around to this book and I would say that I really liked it.

I recently read Little House in the Big Woods again. They read very similarly with Laura and Omakayas being very similar in personality and expression.

The book does sort of hold you at arm's length, but, that's what the Little House books do as well. I feel like it is intentionally written that way. Granted, I haven't read Erdrich's adult fiction, but, I bet it doesn't have the same feel.

I think I would have really loved the book around age 8-10.

Nancy Davison I read the first four books of this series and enjoyed them, but then I've always loved everything written by this author. I thought of the Little House on the Prairie books throughout, and am delighted to find a series based on the Ojibwa people.

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