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((They did something bad and are getting straightened out for it))

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Locé Styx Olivia was escorted by two police to the double doors of her new school. 'bording' school... 'reformitory bording' school...

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Izobel left hte principles office a bit smugle. Her mother gripped her arm painfully but Iz didnt care. Making hte principle turn that many colors was fun.

"Try to be good," Her mother said flatly. Izobel smiled sweetly.

"Of course mother."

Sighing Izobel's mother left ans Iz was escprted ot her room.

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Locé Styx Olivia waited in the principle's office with the two cops. finally the principle came out, explained things to her and the police and they left, after escorting her to her room and giving her the few possesions she had.

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Izobel unpacked precarelessly. She didnt want ot be here, she didnt need to be here. Sighing she shut her closet and went ot lay on her bed.

Zane left his room slowly. He didnt want to go down to the caffeteria to get something to eat, but the few 'patrols' that were in the school would end up forcing him eventually.

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